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Xenon,  54Xe
Xenon discharge tube.jpg
Xenon Spectrum.jpg
Spectral lines of xenon
ସାଧାରଣ ଗୁଣ
ନାମ, ପ୍ରତୀକ xenon, Xe
Appearance colorless gas, exhibiting a blue glow when placed in a high voltage electric field
ଉଚ୍ଚାରଣ /ˈzɛnɒn/ ZEN-on[୧]
or /ˈznɒn/ ZEE-non[୨]
Xenon in the periodic table
Hydrogen (other non-metal)
Helium (noble gas)
Lithium (alkali metal)
Beryllium (alkaline earth metal)
Boron (metalloid)
Carbon (other non-metal)
Nitrogen (other non-metal)
Oxygen (other non-metal)
Fluorine (halogen)
Neon (noble gas)
Sodium (alkali metal)
Magnesium (alkaline earth metal)
Aluminium (post-transition metal)
Silicon (metalloid)
Phosphorus (other non-metal)
Sulfur (other non-metal)
Chlorine (halogen)
Argon (noble gas)
Potassium (alkali metal)
Calcium (alkaline earth metal)
Scandium (transition metal)
Titanium (transition metal)
Vanadium (transition metal)
Chromium (transition metal)
Manganese (transition metal)
Iron (transition metal)
Cobalt (transition metal)
Nickel (transition metal)
Copper (transition metal)
Zinc (transition metal)
Gallium (post-transition metal)
Germanium (metalloid)
Arsenic (metalloid)
Selenium (other non-metal)
Bromine (halogen)
Krypton (noble gas)
Rubidium (alkali metal)
Strontium (alkaline earth metal)
Yttrium (transition metal)
Zirconium (transition metal)
Niobium (transition metal)
Molybdenum (transition metal)
Technetium (transition metal)
Ruthenium (transition metal)
Rhodium (transition metal)
Palladium (transition metal)
Silver (transition metal)
Cadmium (transition metal)
Indium (post-transition metal)
Tin (post-transition metal)
Antimony (metalloid)
Tellurium (metalloid)
Iodine (halogen)
Xenon (noble gas)
Caesium (alkali metal)
Barium (alkaline earth metal)
Lanthanum (lanthanoid)
Cerium (lanthanoid)
Praseodymium (lanthanoid)
Neodymium (lanthanoid)
Promethium (lanthanoid)
Samarium (lanthanoid)
Europium (lanthanoid)
Gadolinium (lanthanoid)
Terbium (lanthanoid)
Dysprosium (lanthanoid)
Holmium (lanthanoid)
Erbium (lanthanoid)
Thulium (lanthanoid)
Ytterbium (lanthanoid)
Lutetium (lanthanoid)
Hafnium (transition metal)
Tantalum (transition metal)
Tungsten (transition metal)
Rhenium (transition metal)
Osmium (transition metal)
Iridium (transition metal)
Platinum (transition metal)
Gold (transition metal)
Mercury (transition metal)
Thallium (post-transition metal)
Lead (post-transition metal)
Bismuth (post-transition metal)
Polonium (post-transition metal)
Astatine (halogen)
Radon (noble gas)
Francium (alkali metal)
Radium (alkaline earth metal)
Actinium (actinoid)
Thorium (actinoid)
Protactinium (actinoid)
Uranium (actinoid)
Neptunium (actinoid)
Plutonium (actinoid)
Americium (actinoid)
Curium (actinoid)
Berkelium (actinoid)
Californium (actinoid)
Einsteinium (actinoid)
Fermium (actinoid)
Mendelevium (actinoid)
Nobelium (actinoid)
Lawrencium (actinoid)
Rutherfordium (transition metal)
Dubnium (transition metal)
Seaborgium (transition metal)
Bohrium (transition metal)
Hassium (transition metal)
Meitnerium (unknown chemical properties)
Darmstadtium (unknown chemical properties)
Roentgenium (unknown chemical properties)
Copernicium (transition metal)
Ununtrium (unknown chemical properties)
Flerovium (unknown chemical properties)
Ununpentium (unknown chemical properties)
Livermorium (unknown chemical properties)
Ununseptium (unknown chemical properties)
Ununoctium (unknown chemical properties)


ପରମାଣୁ କ୍ରମାଙ୍କ (Z) 54
ଶ୍ରେଣୀ, ବ୍ଳକ group 18 (noble gases), p-block
ପର୍ଯ୍ୟାୟ period 5
ମୌଳିକ ପ୍ରକାର   noble gas
ମାନକ ପରମାଣବିକ ଓଜନ (Ar) 131.293(6)
ଇଲେକ୍‌ଟ୍ରୋନ୍ ବିନ୍ୟାସ [Kr] 5s2 4d10 5p6
per shell
2, 8, 18, 18, 8
ଭୌତିକ ଗୁଣ
ଅବସ୍ଥା gas
ଗଳନାଙ୍କ 161.4 K ​(-111.7 °C, ​-169.1 °F)
ସ୍ଫୁଟନାଙ୍କ 165.03 K ​(-108.12 °C, ​-162.62 °F)
ଘନତା at stp (0 °C and 101.325 kPa) 5.894 g/L
when liquid, at b.p. 3.057[୩] g/cm3
Triple point 161.405 K, ​81.6[୪] kPa
Critical point 289.77 K, 5.841 MPa
Heat of fusion 2.27 kJ/mol
Heat of 12.64 kJ/mol
Molar heat capacity 5R/2 = 20.786 J/(mol·K)
P (Pa) 1 10 100 1 k 10 k 100 k
at T (K) 83 92 103 117 137 165
Atomic properties
Oxidation states 0, +1, +2, +4, +6, +8 ​rarely more than 0)
(weakly acidic oxide
Electronegativity Pauling scale: 2.6
Covalent radius 140±9 pm
Van der Waals radius 216 pm
Crystal structureface-centered cubic (fcc)
Face-centered cubic crystal structure for xenon
Speed of sound (liquid) 1090 m/s; (gas) 169 m/s
Thermal conductivity 5.65×10-3  W/(m·K)
Magnetic ordering diamagnetic[୫]
CAS Number 7440-63-3
ଆବିଷ୍କାର William Ramsay and Morris Travers (1898)
First isolation William Ramsay and Morris Travers (1898)
Most stable isotopes of xenon
iso NA half-life DM DE (MeV) DP
124Xe 0.095% >4.8×1016 y β+β+ 0.825 124Te
125Xe syn 16.9 h ε 1.652 125I
126Xe 0.089% 126Xe is stable with 72 neutrons
127Xe syn 36.345 d ε 0.662 127I
128Xe 1.91% 128Xe is stable with 74 neutrons
129Xe 26.4% 129Xe is stable with 75 neutrons
130Xe 4.07% 130Xe is stable with 76 neutrons
131Xe 21.2% 131Xe is stable with 77 neutrons
132Xe 26.9% 132Xe is stable with 78 neutrons
133Xe syn 5.247 d β 0.427 133Cs
134Xe 10.4% >1.1×1016 y ββ 2.864 134Ba
135Xe syn 9.14 h β 1.16 135Cs
136Xe 8.86% 2.11×1021 y[୬] ββ 2.45783[୭] 136Ba
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ଜେନନ ହେଉଛି ଏକ ରାସାୟନିକ ମୌଳିକ ଯାହାର ପ୍ରତୀକ Xeପରମାଣୁ କ୍ରମାଙ୍କ ୫୪ ଅଟେ ।








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