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Citation Style 1 templates
{{Cite arXiv}}arXiv preprints
{{Cite AV media}}audio and visual
{{Cite AV media notes}}audio and visual liner notes
{{Cite bioRxiv}}bioRxiv preprints
{{Cite book}}books
{{Cite conference}}conference papers
{{Cite encyclopedia}}edited collections
{{Cite episode}}radio or television episodes
{{Cite interview}}interviews
{{Cite journal}}academic journals and papers
{{Cite magazine}}magazines, periodicals
{{Cite mailing list}}public mailing lists
{{Cite map}}maps
{{Cite news}}news articles
{{Cite newsgroup}}online newsgroups
{{Cite podcast}}podcasts
{{Cite press release}}press releases
{{Cite report}}reports
{{Cite serial}}audio or video serials
{{Cite sign}}signs, plaques
{{Cite speech}}speeches
{{Cite techreport}}technical reports
{{Cite thesis}}theses
{{Cite web}}web sources not covered by the above
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This Citation Style 1 template is used to create citations for published or broadcast interviews.


Copy a blank version to use. All parameter names must be in lowercase. Use the "|" (pipe) character between each parameter. Delete unused parameters to avoid clutter in the edit window. Some samples may include the current date. If the date is not current, then purge the page.

Full parameter set in horizontal format
{{cite interview |last= |first= |subject= |subject-link= |last2= |first2= |subject2= |subject-link2= |last3= |first3= |subject3= |subject-link3= |last4= |first4= |subject4= |subject-link4= |interviewer= |title= |type= |url= |format= |program= |call-sign= |city= |date= |year= |page= |pages= |access-date= |archive-url= |archive-date= |dead-url= |quote=}}
Most commonly used parameters in horizontal format
{{cite interview |last= |first= |subject-link= |interviewer= |title= |url= |call-sign= |city= |date= |program= |access-date=}}
Full parameter set in vertical format
Vertical list Prerequisites Brief instructions / notes
{{cite interview
| last           =
| first          =
| subject        =
| subject-link   =
| last2          =
| first2         =
| subject2       =
| subject-link2  =
| last3          =
| first3         =
| subject3       =
| subject-link3  =
| last4          =
| first4         =
| subject4       =
| subject-link4  =
| interviewer    =
| title          =
| type           =
| url            =
| format         =
| program        =
| call-sign      =
| city           =
| date           =
| year           =
| page           =
| pages          =
| access-date    =
| archive-url    =
| archive-date   =
| dead-url       =
| quote          =
subject or last
subject2 or last2
subject3 or last3
subject4 or last4
last name of INTERVIEWEE
alias of last
alias of last2
alias of last3
alias of last4
set to "no" if original site is still live
  • If a field name is listed in the Prerequisites column, it is a prerequisite for the field to the left.
  • Note that the parameters last, first, subject, subject-link, and their numbered counterparts all refer to the interviewee, not the interviewer.


  • {{cite interview |last=Blackmun |first=Harry |subjectlink=Harry Blackmun |interviewer=[[Ted Koppel]] |title=An Interview with Harry Blackmun |program=''[[Nightline (US news program)|Nightline]]'' |call-sign=[[American Broadcasting Company|ABC]] |city=New York |date=April 5, 1994 }}
Blackmun, Harry (April 5, 1994). "An Interview with Harry Blackmun" (Interview). Interviewed by Ted Koppel. Unknown parameter |program= ignored (help); Unknown parameter |city= ignored (help); Unknown parameter |call-sign= ignored (help)

  • {{cite interview |last=Nader |first=Ralph |author-link=Ralph Nader |others=Ray Suarez |title=Talk of the Nation |program=[[National Public Radio]] |call-sign=[[WBUR]] |city=Boston, Massachusetts |date=April 16, 1998}}
Nader, Ralph (April 16, 1998). "Talk of the Nation" (Interview). Ray Suarez. Unknown parameter |program= ignored (help); Unknown parameter |city= ignored (help); Unknown parameter |call-sign= ignored (help)



Nested parameters rely on their parent parameters:

  • parent
  • OR: parent2—may be used instead of parent
    • child—may be used with parent (and is ignored if parent is not used)
    • OR: child2—may be used instead of child (and is ignored if parent2 is not used)
Where aliases are listed, only one of the parameters may be defined; if multiple aliased parameters are defined, then only one will show.
This template embeds COinS metadata in the HTML output, allowing reference management software to retrieve bibliographic metadata.