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This template is used to build consistent documentation pages for Citation Style 1 templates.

For example: {{Citation Style documentation|author}} will show the author documentation.

Where a particular section of documentation is not appropriate for a certain template, simply add the text manually or create a new subtemplate.

Each module of text is a subtemplate that can be edited using the link.



[edit subtemplate]

Nested parameters rely on their parent parameters:

  • parent
  • OR: parent2—may be used instead of parent
    • child—may be used with parent (and is ignored if parent is not used)
    • OR: child2—may be used instead of child (and is ignored if parent2 is not used)
Where aliases are listed, only one of the parameters may be defined; if multiple aliased parameters are defined, then only one will show.


[edit subtemplate]

This template embeds COinS metadata in the HTML output, allowing reference management software to retrieve bibliographic metadata.