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Important Information

  • Wikipedia has no editorial board. Content is not the result of an editorial decision by the Wikimedia Foundation or its staff.
  • Wikipedia is a wiki , which means that everyone has the ability to edit articles. If you encounter an error or disagree with the content, you can edit the page at any time in accordance with the rules of neutrality perspective .
  • Wikipedia is a project developed (written, edited, maintained, and almost completely operated) by volunteers (potentially, by any Internet user) from around the world and is available free of charge. Wikipedia has no editorial department or service documentation. Those that meet our e-mail addresses are also volunteers at the limited time often do not know the items discussed.
  • Although you can contact founder Jimmy Wales, he is not responsible for individual articles or the daily operations.
  • Wikipedia is free and without advertisements. It is operated by a private non-profit foundation, supported by hundreds of thousands of individual donors.

For more information Please see About Wikipedia and the frequently asked questions for further information.

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For Users

  • Never copy a web page
  • Do not put information without confirmation because this information may be incorrect.
  • Never put deliberately false information.
  • Check with a spell your text so that there are no spelling mistakes.

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