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Contact us

You are a student and you wish to use some of our text or images in a school project

Apparently, British school students have been told to request explicit permission from Web site operators before copying content into school projects and reports.

The thing is, while such use is likely to be legal, we as an organization cannot grant such explicit permission, even if you email us. Please read Wikipedia:Copyrights for more information.

You wish to protest the content of an article, especially as part of an organized petition drive

The Wikimedia Foundation does not interfere with article content, outside of blatant abuse of the site (posting swearwords or nonsense), and legal issues (we remind you that the Wikimedia Foundation, being located in the US, applies US law).

As a consequence, it is useless to email the Wikipedia help desk in order to tell us that you disagree with the content of such or such article, about alleged political biases, or in order to demand that we remove such or such image.

Petitions demanding such actions will also be disregarded.

If you wish some content should be altered, or removed, you are invited to gain consensus on that issue on the discussion page associated with the article.

You would like Wikipedia articles to include pronunciation keys, or other indications

Please look up whether your suggestion is not already in the Wikipedia manual of style. For instance, the manual of style already invites writers to provide pronunciation keys. Note, on the other hand, that due to different regional accents of English, we only use IPA pronounciation keys, and not respellings.

Wikipedia articles are written by unpaid volunteers operating through the Internet. We cannot force them to heed every recommendation of the manual of style.

If your suggestion is not already there, please discuss it at the appropriate discussion page. Please make sure to read the top of that page, since some suggestions come often and have already been evaluated.

We do not accept suggestions by email, because our volunteers at the email help desk cannot act as proxies on your behalf for a discussion. That is, you will have to defend your suggestion yourself.

You want us to lock the page about you, your company, or your organization so that only people you approve can edit it

We do not offer this feature. Even if our site's software permitted it (which it doesn't), our policy is that all articles are open for continuous improvement by all-comers.

  • If the article has been recently vandalized and you are unable to revert it yourself, please email info-en-v@wikimedia.org quoting the exact article title.
  • If the article is the subject of frequent or very serious vandalism (i.e. several times an hour at least), please place a request for it to be protected temporarily at Wikipedia:Requests for page protection.
  • If you want an article about you that only you can control, place it on your own website.

You received a mysterious email from us or you think you have been subscribed to a mailing-list without asking so

  • Some spammers send out vast amounts of advertisements using fake addresses, sometimes including addresses @wikipedia.org or @wikimedia.org. We have nothing to do with it and cannot do anything about it. Please do not write to us about it, even to warn us.
  • Our mailing-list system always requires confirmation before subscribing people. Therefore, it is impossible that you have been subscribed without your consent. Our mailing-lists have names such as wikipedia-or@lists.wikimedia.org or similar. If you seem to receive mailing-lists talking of Wikipedia but coming from other kinds of addresses, we have nothing to do with them.
  • See also Wikipedia:Phishing e-mails.

Our search engine is insufficient, it should do spelling correction etc.

The Wikimedia Foundation is regularly updating the internal search engine (MediaWiki search); please know this is an ongoing project. You may also use search engines such as Google [୧] or Bing [୨] or Exalead [୩] to search Wikipedia.

Problems viewing the pages (fonts etc.)

Such problems can include: fonts are too small, unreadable etc.

In almost all cases, these are due to problems on the user's machine, including preferences in the browser (fonts, colors, image views, proxy servers etc.). Please try looking before contacting us. It seems that certain popular Web browsers have bad default settings for "Unicode", "ISO-10646-1" or "UTF-8" page viewing, in particular too small fonts; we suggest you tinker with these particular font settings.

Think of the following: such problems, if on our servers' side, would be likely to affect hundreds of thousands of users. It is thus very unlikely that you would be the first person to advise us of such an issue.

If you still want to contact us, please email info-en@wikimedia.org, giving the following details:

  • browser (Internet Explorer vs Firefox vs Konqueror vs...) and version number
  • operating system (Microsoft Windows vs Mac OS X vs GNU/Linux vs...) and version
  • any special settings that you have
  • username on Wikipedia, if you have an account
  • the kind of text you were looking at, if applicable, especially if the text is in a non Latin script (Chinese, Thai, Hebrew, etc.)
  • possibly, a screenshot of the display (sent as an image file; some of our volunteers' systems cannot process Microsoft Word)

We just cannot process requests lacking these precisions, such as "your main page is garbled" or "your text is written in tiny, unreadable characters", because, either we have a general problem and we already know about it, or it is a problem depending on certain parameters on your computer and it displays fine on our machines; thus we cannot reproduce it and debug it.

Bugs in the MediaWiki software

File a bug report on Bugzilla: bugzilla.wikimedia.org (you will need to create a free login there)


See our donations page.

Problem with an article about you or someone you represent

See our special page for such matters.

Other problems with articles

Please see Wikipedia:Contact us/Article problem/Factual error.

Error messages when searching, editing or viewing articles

All errors are logged, and the web site is closely monitored. Technical staff are aware of these problems whenever they happen. Please do not email us regarding them.

Article does not appear when searching

The database for searching is updated approximately every 4-6 weeks. Changes do not appear there right away.

Similar constraints apply to Google and other external search engines: their databases get updated every so often. We have no control over their operations and cannot force them to update themselves.

Partnerships, joint ventures, and governmental and regulatory affairs

Contact the Wikimedia Foundation.

  • Please really check that your question genuinely isn't answered anywhere else. Please bear in mind that this service is operated by volunteers.
  • Routine editing disputes are not resolved via e-mail. See the dispute resolution page.
  • Please do not email us about mistakes in articles unless the article is about you or someone you represent. Instead, fix it yourself or use the talk page to leave a message for other editors.
  • Please do not email us to request additions to articles. We simply do not have any staff to process them. You can add them yourself, using the edit feature at the top of the page.
  • If you use a spam filter, be sure that it will allow our reply to reach you.
  • We get over 100s emails per day. If your question is already explained on this page or Wikipedia:Contact us, or if you don't have a good summary as the email topic and first sentence, your email may be deleted without response.
  • E-mail us at wikipedia-or@lists.wikimedia.org or odiawiki@gmail.com