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I have been told I have vandalized an article, but I have not! What do I do?

If you think the message was intended for you, but you have not vandalized an article, it is possible that you may have made an edit that is not actually vandalism, but might not have fit Wikipedia's policies and guidelines. (See these two pages for more information.) In particular, please pay attention to the neutral point of view policy.

It is also possible that the IP address of the computer you are using has been caught vandalizing Wikipedia. You may contact the user who left the message if there is any doubt.

There is an important special case: AOL has their users access the web using mandatory proxy servers. Even if you don't understand the technical details, the end result is that these make it impossible for us to distinguish between innocent users and vandals or other disruptive users. If you use AOL and you have not edited any pages, then please ignore warning messages. You may wish to create an account to avoid them.

Am I supposed to be able to edit your site, even if I am not logged on?

Absolutely. Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. While anybody can make submissions, Wikipedia has a number of policies governing how articles are supposed to be written. See the policies and guidelines page for details.

To find out more, see our introduction to Wikipedia.

Can I copy articles from Wikipedia?

Yes, but with certain restrictions. All of Wikipedia's text, except clearly marked quotations used under the non-free content policy, is available under a special license called the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License 3.0. Much of the text is also available under the GNU Free Documentation License; images may be available under different conditions. See our copyright information page for more details.

Important note: since the Wikimedia Foundation does not own the copyright to the articles on Wikipedia, it is useless to email any of our contact addresses for permission to reproduce articles or photographs. Emails to those addresses about this issue will be returned with a generic message to see relevant licensing conditions. Due to the complexity of copyright licenses, and the variety of copyright legislations across the world, we cannot answer inquiries about how to apply a certain license in specific circumstances; if you need legal advice, we advise you to seek it from a lawyer.

We are aware that some school students have been told to email and request permission before using content from a site in their projects, but we simply cannot give you this permission.

How do I get 'unblocked' from editing?

Please see Wikipedia:Contact us/blocked.

How do I cite your articles?

Use the "Cite this article" function. Follow the link in the "toolbox" section to the left of every article to see the details you need for a bibliography entry or reference.

To find out more, see our guide to Citing Wikipedia.