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ଶ୍ରେଣୀ:WikiProject banners with formatting errors


This category contains pages which themselves contain WPBannerMeta WikiProject banners where there is reason to suspect that some coding error has occurred, such as not specifying |category=no in examples or by leaving |BANNER_NAME= at the wrong value after a page move.


  • *: a banner template using a custom mask but without |QUALITY_SCALE=subpage
  • B: a banner template which needs |DISPLAY_ON_START=yes on its B-checklist
  • C: a banner template without substcheck
  • F: a banner template using the |FULL_QUALITY_SCALE= parameter
  • L: a banner on a non-talk page, without category=no
  • H: a banner template which uses HOOK_NOTE but has a missing or invalid HOOK_COLLAPSED.
  • M: a banner template which has a missing PROJECT parameter.
  • P: a banner template with a possibly incorrect BANNER_NAME parameter
  • S: a substituted banner
  • T: a banner using |category= in article talk space