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Republic of Abkhazia

Аҧсны Аҳәынҭқарра (Аҧсны) (Abkhazian)
Aphsny Axwynthqarra (Aphsny)
Республика Абхазия (Абхазия) (Russian)
Respublika Abkhaziya (Abkhaziya)
აფხაზეთი (Georgian)
Flag of Abkhazia
Emblem of Abkhazia
Flag Emblem
ଜାତୀୟ ସଙ୍ଗୀତ: Аиааира (Abkhaz)
Abkhazia (orange), and Georgia proper (grey)
Abkhazia (orange), and Georgia proper (grey)
ବୃହତ୍ତମ ସହରcapital
ସରକାରୀ ଭାଷାAbkhaz1 and Russian
ଜାତୀୟତାAbkhaz, Abkhazian
GovernmentUnitary republic
• President
Alexander Ankvab
Leonid Lakerbaia
ବିଧାନ ମଣ୍ଡଳPeople's Assembly
Partially recognised independence from Georgia and the Soviet Union[୧][୨][୩]
• Georgian annulment of all Soviet-era laws and treaties
20 June 1990
• Declaration of sovereignty2
25 August 1990
• Georgian declaration of independence
9 April 1991
26 December 1991
26 November 1994
3 October 1999
• Act of state independence3
12 October 1999
26 August 2008
• ମୋଟ
8,660 km2 (3,340 sq mi)
• 2011 census
240,705 (disputed)
• ଘନତା
28/km2 (72.5/sq mi)
ମୋଟ ଘରୋଇ ଉତ୍ପାଦ (ସାଙ୍କେତିକ)2009 estimate
• ମୋଟ
$500 million[୪]
ମୁଦ୍ରାAbkhazian apsar, Russian ruble5 (RUB)
ସମୟ ମଣ୍ଡଳUTC+3 (MSK)
ରାସ୍ତା ଚାଲିବା ପାଖright
ଟେଲିଫୋନ କୋଡ଼+7-840/940[୫]
  1. The Russian language is recognised as a language of state and other institutions (art. 6 of the Constitution) and is widely used.
  2. Annulled by Georgia immediately thereafter.
  3. Establishing retro-actively de jure independence since the 1992–1993 war.
  4. By Russia. Followed by 5 other UN states since.
  5. De facto currency, several Abkhazian apsar commemorative coins have been issued. The apsar is on a fixed exchange rate, pegged to the Russian ruble (1 = 0.10 apsar).

ଆବାଖାଜିଆ ପଶ୍ଚିମ ଏସିଆରେ ଥିବା ଏକ ଦେଶ।




ପ୍ରଶାସନିକ ବିଭାଜନ[ସମ୍ପାଦନା]



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