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Category:Wikipedia style guidelines is the peak style guide category for pages related to standards for the design and writing of Wikipedia articles. A page may be considered a style guide if it is intended to help keep the formatting, grammar and style of Wikipedia's articles consistent.

Official guidelines that may be categorized outside the Manual of Style may be categorized here automatically by using {{Subcat guideline|style guideline}} at the top of the page.

Please post a message at WT:Manual of Style if you are thinking of adding a page to this category. We encourage people to write style guidelines on new topics, but group efforts work best. As of April 2010, a MOS Taskforce, which uses WT:MOS for reporting purposes, is conducting an audit of the whole category, page by page and group by group. The objective is to rationalise and improve the structure and content of the main page and its subpages. New applications for MOS status should take into account the need to rationalise the category, reducing overlap, duplication and—in some cases—different advice in WP's styleguides. Proposed style guidelines are in Category:Wikipedia style guideline proposals. Consensus should be demonstrated for promotion to MOS status.

For informal style guides maintained in user space, see Category:User style guides.

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