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This page lists categories extracted from Module:Citation/CS1/Configuration and Module:Citation/CS1/Configuration/sandbox. It's purpose is to highlight differences between the live and sandbox versions of the cs1|2 module suite.

Category names are extracted directly from the error_conditions{} and prop_cats{} tables. In the lists, the first section of each list (the combined list) is categories found in both the live and sandbox modules. The subsections list category names that are listed in the live module but not listed in the sandbox module (and vice versa). Some category names are created dynamically according to date or language parameter values, or to the parameter name itself in the template that is being processed. Because none of that necessary information is available when these lists are created, those categories will be redlinked here (the $1, $2, and $3 are place-holders for the necessary parts of the category names).

New categories in ~/Configuration/sandbox may be redlinked. Categories in the combined lists should not be redlinked.

These lists can be compared to the categories listed in Category:CS1 errors, Category:CS1 maintenance, and Category:CS1 properties.

Live and sandbox error categories (65)

In live but not in sandbox (4)

Live and sandbox maintenance categories (27)

In live but not in sandbox (4)

In sandbox but not in live (1)

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