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As supported by Wikipedia:Wikimedia sister projects, this template may be used to add a Wikivoyage link to a Wikipedia article. Note that this template generates an InterWikimedia link and is not intended to represent sources for Wikpedia articles.

This template creates a box; it is not for use as a bulleted list item.

If usage of the template creates layout issues in an article, {{Wikivoyage-inline}} should be used instead.

The Wikivoyage template can be used with one, two or no parameters as follows:

{{Wikivoyage}} creates a link to a Wikivoyage page matching the page name; this makes no sense when linking between languages with entirely different character sets (from Odia Wikipedia to English Wikivoyage, for instance) so do not use it .
{{Wikivoyage|Boracay}} creates a link to the Wikivoyage page about Boracay
{{Wikivoyage|Boracay|Boracay Island}} creates a link to the Wikivoyage page about Boracay, but the link is labelled as "Boracay Island"

See also: {{Sister project links}}

{{Sister project links|voy={{PAGENAME}}}} will create a similar box, but accommodates multiple siblings.