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This template is used on subpages of Wikipedia:Protected titles. It transcludes a nonexistent page that is to be protected from creation through the use of cascading protection. If the page exists, a "delete page" link is provided next to the article name. If an item is listed prior to deletion, it must be deleted and the page with cascading protection enabled must have its cache purged before the protection will take effect.


Parameters used by this template:

  • pg (or first unnamed parameter) — Name of page to protect from creation. Do not include the namespace; use the ns parameter to specify that.
  • reason (or second unnamed parameter) — Reason why page is protected (optional).
  • ns — Namespace of page. Must be given if the page is not in article space.
  • talk — Whether a link to the talk page should be given. The link will be provided unless talk=no is specified. Suppressing the link is useful if there is no realistic possibility that constructive discussion will occur (e.g. nonsense page titles) or if the talk page also is protected against creation.
  • commons — If the protected page is an image with the same name on commons, add commons=yes. This will add a link to the image on commons, and a deletion link for the local image to use when it is no longer needed. Please note that the cascading protection does not extend to the Commons image.


{{protected title|Red link}}
Red link · activity log · talk page
The above prevents red link from being created.

{{protected title|Like this one|talk=no}}
Like this one · activity log
The above prevents Like this one from being created. The link to the talk page is not displayed.

{{protected title|Starting a new page/wiki/Talk:Main Page/|Spambot target|ns=Help talk}}
ସହଯୋଗ ଆଲୋଚନା:Starting a new page/wiki/Talk:Main Page/ · activity log — Spambot target
The above prevents Help talk:Starting a new page/wiki/Talk:Main Page/ from being created. As this is a talk page, a separate talk page link is automatically omitted.

or:Template:Protected title