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Lately, spammers have been using automated software to post their spam links. These programs often create pages with nonsense titles. Below is a list of these titles, which no human will ever need to edit. The / at the end of some titles is not a typo, but what the spambots have actually created.

Protected titles

The following titles have been deleted and protected to prevent re-creation:

Pages locked from recreation

Please add a translation for the instructions line.

[en] Administrators: add a new line here to stop pages being created
[es] Administradores: añadan una nueva línea para evitar que una página vuelva a ser creada
[nl] Beheerders: voeg hier een nieuwe regel toe om het aanmaken van pagina's te voorkomen
[it] Amministratori: aggiungete una riga qui per impedire la creazione di altre pagine
[de] Administratoren: hier eine neue Zeile hinzufügen, um das Neueinstellen einer Seite zu verhindern

Spambot stuff