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ଉଇକିମିଡ଼ିଆ ଇନକୁବେଟର
[[:incubator:Wp/{{{code}}}|Incubator ପରୀକ୍ଷା]] ଉଇକିପିଡ଼ିଆର ଉଇକିମିଡ଼ିଆ ଇନକୁବେଟର ଠାରେ
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This is to be placed at the end of a language article, in the same way as the {{InterWiki}} template is used now, but for test Wikipedias on Incubator.

  • Type {{Incubator|languagecode}} for test Wikipedias
  • If the test is not a Wikipedia, type {{Incubator|languagecode|projectname}}
  • If the language name is different to the name of the article, add |lang= languagename

For example the French Wikibooks would be {{Incubator|fr|wikibooks}}