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Search Help desk

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Creates a Google custom search link, which searches the Wikipedia Help desk and its archive. This template takes two unnamed input parameters; both are optional:

  1. Your search term(s) (optional.) If this parameter is empty, clicking on the resulting link generates a Google search form with an initially blank input field, ready to search the Help desk and its archive pages.
  2. Link text to display on your wiki page (optional). If this parameter is empty, the template displays a link, with the link text:
    • If you specified a search string:
      • Search Help desk for: search string
    • If you did not specify a search string:
      • Search Help desk

This template is useful for answering questions on the Help desk. A large fraction of questions on the Help desk are repeats of earlier questions, as similar problems keep tripping up successive waves of new users.

Do not use in articles[ସମ୍ପାଦନା]


Type this To get this What it produces, or searches for
{{google help desk||}} Search Help desk Blank form to search the Wikipedia Help desk
{{google help desk}} Search Help desk Delimiters are optional when both parameters are empty
{{google help desk||Search the Help desk}} Search the Help desk Display our own link text
{{google help desk|clear search history|}} Search Help desk for: clear search history Search the Wikipedia Help desk for the combination of three search terms
{{google help desk|"clear search history"|}} Search Help desk for: "clear search history" Search the Wikipedia Help desk for a phrase


This template is a cut-down instance of the more general {{Google custom}} template. You may wish to make similar templates if you need to create repetitive links to other portions of Wikipedia that {{Google custom}} can search. This saves much typing compared to using {{Google custom}} for each link.

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