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GoldBookRef is for referencing the Internet version of the IUPAC Compendium of Chemical Terminology, more commonly known as the Gold Book. Parameters are:

  • |title= (required): Title of the Gold Book entry
  • |file= (required): File number at goldbook.iupac.org in the form (e.g. |file=A00037)
    • |url= (optional): Full URL of the electronic version, overrides the |file= parameter
  • |doi= (optional): The digital object identifier of the entry (e.g. |doi=10.1351/goldbook.A00046). Will automatically be generated if there is a |file= specified.
  • |accessdate= (optional): The date the definition was checked


  • What you write: {{GoldBookRef|title=Molecule|file=M04002}}
  • What you get: Nic, M.; Jirat, J.; Kosata, B., eds. (2006–). "Molecule". IUPAC Compendium of Chemical Terminology (Online ed.). doi:10.1351/goldbook.M04002. ISBN 0-9678550-9-8. Unknown parameter |chapterurl= ignored (help); Check date values in: |year= (help)

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