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Or, to provide values immediately:

{{subst:B|b1 value|b2 value|b3 value|b4 value|b5 value|b6 value|assessment class}}


This template is intended for use with any WikiProject article talk page banners that are based on {{WPBannerMeta}} and which make use of its B_CHECKLIST = yes feature.

Its purpose is to speed up the creation of B-class checklist parameters, or speed up the entry of their values for editors who are doing large amounts of assessment and have memorized the order of the parameters already, by obviating the need to manually create the 6 required checklist parameters.

The template must be substituted, or the banner's B-class checklist will not work properly. It substitutes cleanly, with no evidence of having been created by a template, such as leftover conditional code.

No parameters are required. If the 7th parameter is used, then either it must be specified numerically (e.g. {{subst:B|7=C}}) or all 7 parameters must be present, though the first 6 may be empty ({{subst:B|||||||C}}). If used, the 7th parameter must have a value that corresponds to one of the quality assessment classes (C, Stub, etc.). The default value is B.


indicating C-class article ready for B-class checklist assessment, can be done more expediently with:


indicating a stub that (essentially by definition) cannot meet most B-class criteria, and has not even been evaluated for some of them, but is sufficient in supporting materials, can be done more expediently with:

The end result of each pair of examples will look the same in the final code.

Note that it must be preceded by |class=, and must be followed by | and the next parameter or, if at end of template, by }}.

Parameter values[ସମ୍ପାଦନା]

Note that there is no testing to ensure that the values entered are valid; a value of "yess" or "Statr" will appear verbatim, so check before saving.

The first 6 parameters are in the same b1 through b6 order as in WPBannerMeta:

  1. Referencing and citations
  2. Coverage and accuracy
  3. Structure
  4. Grammar
  5. Supporting materials
  6. Accessibility

The available values for all of these 6 parameters are ? (unassessed, the default), blank (empty, but present, which defaults to ?), yes (which indicates a passing assessment) or no (which indicates a failing assessment). The template does not output actual empty (blank) values, as this will trigger the WikiProject banner to display very longwinded B-class assessment parameter instructions, because the meta-template for the banner is not coded to recognize these parameters if empty, thus the "?".

The (sensible) available assessment classes for the 7th parameter are Stub, Start, C and B. The GA and higher assessments do not use B-class checklist parameters, and various other values, such as Cat and NA, are not logically applicable to use of this template, since they are for non-articles. Similarly, the Current and Future assessments, for articles about current or upcoming events and which are in a constant state of flux, are pointless to assess for B-class status until the event is past. The parameters can be used with GA and up to show (in the source view) a historical assessment at B-class, but the B checklist will not be displayed by the banner. The default selection, B, will appear as "C" in the banner until all B-class checklist items are yes. Please note: Do not just fill them with yes if you have not actually assessed the article for compliance with the B-class quality checklist!

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