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ଆଧାର କେମିତି ଯୋଡ଼ିବେ?[ସମ୍ପାଦନା]

This section covers the most commonly used parameters. You can copy the horizontal form or vertical form below and then add in extra parameters from the full list. Spacing and ordering of the parameters within the template is irrelevant and does not affect the final, rendered text.

{{Citation |last= |first= |year= |title= |publisher= |publication-place= |page= |url= |accessdate= }}

| last       =
| first      =
| year       =
| title      =
| publisher  =
| publication-place =
| page       =
| url        =
| accessdate =
{{cite news
| author =
| title =
| quote =
| newspaper =
| date =
| pages =
| url =
| accessdate =  
  • last: The author's surname or last name. Don't use with the author parameter.
  • first: The author's first or given name(s).
  • year: Year of authorship or publication. Mandatory for use with links from Template:Harvard citation, unless |date= specifies both month and year.
  • title: Title of the work. Mandatory for web references.
  • publisher: The name of the publisher. Omit terms such as Publishers, Co., Inc., Ltd., etc., but retain the words Books or Press. Not normally included where the publication is a periodical which has its own Wikipedia article (e.g. The Hindu, India Today).
    • publication-place (or place or location): The city of publication. If more than one town/city is listed on the title page, give the first one or the location of the publisher's head office. Omit when the publication is a periodical whose name specifies the location (e.g. The New York Times, The Times of India)
  • page: For use when one page is cited. Adds "p." before the page number. Do not use with pages.
  • url: A url of an online location where the item can be found. If the url includes double quotes, these must be encoded as "%22".
    • accessdate: Date[n ୧] when the url was accessed.

Example 1[ସମ୍ପାଦନା]

| last      = Kishore
| first     = Moushmi
| title     = Why feed your gut?
| publisher = The Hindu
| place     = 
| year      = 2018
| url        = http://www.thehindu.com/sci-tech/health/why-feed-your-gut/article22855850.ece
| accessdate = February 27, 2018
Kishore, Moushmi (2018), Why feed your gut?, The Hindu, retrieved February 27, 2018

Example 2[ସମ୍ପାଦନା]

<ref>{{cite news
| author = Dev Goswami
| title = After Sridevi's death, Congress says UPA gave her Padma Shri. Twitter fumes. INC deletes post
| quote =
| newspaper = India Today
| date = February 25, 2018
| pages =
| url = https://www.indiatoday.in/movies/celebrities/story/sridevi-died-congress-tweet-padma-shri-upa-1177100-2018-02-25
| accessdate =  February 27, 2018
Dev Goswami (February 25, 2018). "After Sridevi's death, Congress says UPA gave her Padma Shri. Twitter fumes. INC deletes post". India Today. Retrieved February 27, 2018.

More Help Pages[ସମ୍ପାଦନା]

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