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The Adopt-a-user program was created on 27 September 2006 as a program designed to help new and inexperienced users. Experienced Wikipedians (or adopters in this instance) can "adopt" newer users, mentoring them along the way as they learn about Wikipedia and its various aspects. It is hoped that this program will be able to inform new users about the ins and outs of Wikipedia and steer them away from making less-than-constructive edits or misplaced test edits. There are currently over 900 users involved in the program, and, like other Wikipedia areas, it continues to expand.

If you are looking to contribute to Wikipedia but do not intend to remain as an active user well after adoption, then this program is not for you. Adoption is for users who intend to be long-term contributors and members of the community, so if you are simply here to create an article, see this page for help and do not request adoption.

Users who are not new or inexperienced – but who would still like some help – might like to consider whether Editor review (for an assessment of work to date) or Editor assistance and/or the Help desk (for one-off problems) might be more appropriate than adoption; users with considerable experience and aspirations to become administrators may be looking for the Admin Coaching project instead.

View the list of adopters!

When you find a user that you'd like to be your adopter, please message them on their talk page to request adoption.


Being adopted is easy and fun. If you'd like someone to adopt you, simply edit your user page, add the following text, {{subst:dated adoptme}} and save the page. This will put you on a list of adoptees and display the following userbox on your page:

Alternatively, you may select an adopter from the list of adopters and contact them directly to request adoption, your chosen adopter should share your interests so that they can comfortably assist you while you learn under their tutelage. For more information, visit the Adoptee's Area and the Adopt-a-user talk page. If you're interested in becoming an adopter, visit the Adopter's Area.


If you're new or inexperienced and would like to:

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