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Adding images to Wikipedia

Free content
Our preferred type of image

Non-free content
Occasionally acceptable

Wikimedia Commons
Sharing images more widely

Using an image
Adding it to an article

Review of what you've learned

If you upload an image here at the English Wikipedia, then it will be available for use on this site. However there are many other language versions of Wikipedia, as well as a wide variety of sister projects, which may also want to use your image. Therefore it is generally better to upload your free images to Wikimedia Commons, a shared site where an image can be uploaded once and then be used by any of these projects.

There is an important caveat: Commons only accepts free images. It does not accept non-free or fair use images. Images must also be free in both the country of origin and the United States.

To upload images to Commons you can use the Commons Upload Wizard tool, which will guide you through the process.