ଶ୍ରେଣୀ:Wikipedia WikiProjects


This category contains Wikipedia WikiProjects – those defined in terms of a particular Wikipedia maintenance task or other Wikipedia-specific matter, such as stub-sorting, copy-editing, spam-fighting, template-coding, or bot-organizing, rather than a proper encyclopedic subject area, such as architecture.

If your project deals with a particular content area, such as art, culture, environment, geography, history, humanities, science, society, sports and games, technology, or travel, please do not place it in this category. Instead, please place all such WikiProjects in the appropriate subcategory of Category:WikiProjects.

The projects are presented in two sections: "Subcategories" and "Pages in category 'Wikipedia WikiProjects.'"

ସାନ ଶ୍ରେଣୀସମୂହ

ଏହି ଶ୍ରେଣୀଟିରେ କେବଳ ତଳେଥିବା ସାନ ଶ୍ରେଣୀଗୁଡିକ ଅଛନ୍ତି ।


"Wikipedia WikiProjects" ଶ୍ରେଣୀରେ ଥିବା ପୃଷ୍ଠାଗୁଡ଼ିକ

ଏହି ଶ୍ରେଣୀରେ ତଳେଥିବା ପୃଷ୍ଠାସବୁ ଅଛି ।