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This is the documentation page for ମଡ୍ୟୁଲ:Flag

Lua-native alternative to popular flag templates. Can be used to reduce post-expand include size of pages with lots of templates, since it avoids calling multilevel templates.



Template Module
Code Output PEIS Code Output PEIS
{{flag|China}}  China 443b {{#invoke:flag|main|China}}  China 128b
{{flagcountry|China}}  ଚୀନ 577b {{#invoke:flag|country|China}}  ଚୀନ 128b
{{flagdeco|China}} 452b {{#invoke:flag|deco|China}} 107b
{{flagicon|China}} ଚୀନ 548b {{#invoke:flag|icon|China}} ଚୀନ 117b
{{flag+link|History of|China}}  ଚୀନ 663b {{#invoke:flag|+link|History of|China}}  China 139b