T. Vishnu Vardhan
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I have met the enthusiastic bunch of Odia Wikipedians in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack on March 16 and 17, 2013. I feel there is a huge possibility for the Odia Wikipedia to grow by leaps and bounds. To all friends from Odia Wikipedia, do not hesitate to call/write to me if you need any help in achieving your collective goal.


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I work as a Programme Director for Access To Knowledge for Centre for Internet and Society since February 2013. My experience spans across academics, industry (media) and not-for-profit sectors. Over the last 11 years I have worked in various capacities as researcher, grant manager, teacher, project consultant, information architect and translator. Prior to joining CIS, I managed the Art, Crafts and Culture portfolio of the Sir Ratan Tata Trust (SRTT) where I had spent 5 years in project conceptualization, management and assessment of quality and impact in the not-for-profit sector. I have managed more than 30 projects and funds to the tune of Rs. 160 million. I also anchored SRTT’s automation and knowledge management activities. Worked as Research Coordinator at Centre for the Study of Culture and Society (CSCS), Bangalore where I a) coordinated the online M.A. in Cultural Studies; b) managed the Library Fellowship programme; c) conceptualized and coordinated national and international workshops and short-term courses in Media and Cultural Studies; and d) helped in building academic institutional partnerships. Am a superannuated doctoral candidate at the Centre for Media Research, University of Ulster and CSCS, Bangalore. A sporadic contributor to en-Wikipedia since 2006 and an occasional contributor on te-Wikipedia. Enjoys contributing to Wikipedia.


I'm with the Access To Knowledge team - and we work on supporting, building and expanding the community in India.


Details of my work[ସମ୍ପାଦନା]

My work broadly includes providing support to community in engaging new editors and supporting Access To Knowledge in terms of managing administrative and basic finance matters.

Provided support for

My work details can be found under the following headers: Community and Program Support. If you still have any further questions about my work, please write to me at vishnu@cis-india.org.

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