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This is a list of dinosaurs whose remains have been recovered from Australia or Antarctica.

List of Australian and Antarctic dinosaurs[ସମ୍ପାଦନା]

Name Period Location Diet[୧] Notes
Antarctopelta Cretaceous Antarctica herbivore
Atlascopcosaurus Cretaceous Australia herbivore
Australovenator Cretaceous Australia carnivore
Austrosaurus Cretaceous Australia herbivore
Cryolophosaurus Jurassic Antarctica carnivore
Diamantinasaurus Cretaceous Australia herbivore
Fulgurotherium Cretaceous Australia herbivore
Glacialisaurus Jurassic Antarctica omnivore
Kakuru Cretaceous Australia omnivore
Leaellynasaura Cretaceous Australia herbivore
Minmi Cretaceous Australia herbivore Two good specimens
Muttaburrasaurus Cretaceous Australia herbivore
Ozraptor Jurassic Australia carnivore
Qantassaurus Cretaceous Australia herbivore
Rapator Cretaceous Australia carnivore
Rhoetosaurus Jurassic Australia herbivore
Serendipaceratops Cretaceous Australia herbivore
Skartopus Cretaceous Australia carnivore Ichnotaxon.
Timimus Cretaceous Australia omnivore
Trinisaura Cretaceous Antarctica herbivore
Walgettosuchus Cretaceous Australia (unknown)
Wintonopus Cretaceous Australia herbivore Ichnotaxon.
Wintonotitan Cretaceous Australia herbivore

Agrosaurus is a nomen dubium or a junior synonym of Thecodontosaurus. It is no longer considered an Australian genus.


Nomen dubium
Nomen nudum

Criteria for inclusion[ସମ୍ପାଦନା]


This is a timeline of selected dinosaurs from the list above. Time is measured in Ma, megaannum, along the x-axis.

MesozoicTriassicJurassicCretaceousWintonotitanTimimusSerendipaceratopsRhoetosaurusRapatorQantassaurusOzraptorMuttaburrasaurusMinmi (dinosaur)LeaellynasauraKakuruGlacialisaurusDiamantinasaurusCryolophosaurusAustrosaurusAustralovenatorAtlascopcosaurusAntarctopeltaMesozoicTriassicJurassicCretaceous


  1. Diet is sometimes hard to determine for dinosaurs and should be considered a "best guess"

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