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People's Forum is a more than three-decade old developmental organisation engaged in various development activities in the state of Odisha since 1989. People’s forum visualises a society that has space for every individual, regardless of their mental or physical health condition, caste, economic class, age and gender. People’s Forum is consistently engaged in various developments activities primarily on institutional and capacity building around women with mental health concerns, enabling their access to the elements of normal life.

People’s Forum started its journey with community awareness & sensitisation programmes and mobilising resources for catering to the needs of different communities. And then the organization gradually engaged in enhancing livelihood, education, mental health and financial inclusions. It began with a major focus on women as a centre of development and gave much emphasis for the development of mentally ill women who are the most vulnerable and a relatively weaker section of the society. People’s Forum provided a platform to the communities whose voices remain unheard, rights ignored, and basic entitlements not accomplished. The focus also lies on mobilising youth and working towards people’s collectives to let them realize entitlements and enabling them to access basic developmental services.