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Map shows the location of permanent Antarctic research stations

A number of governments maintain permanent research stations in Antarctica and these bases are widely distributed. Unlike the bases set up in the Arctic (see Drifting ice station), the research stations of the Antarctic are constructed either on rock or on ice that is (for practical purposes) fixed in place.

Many of the stations are staffed around the year. A total of 30 countries (as of October 2006), all signatories to the Antarctic Treaty, operate seasonal (summer) and year-round research stations on the continent. The population of people doing and supporting science on the continent and nearby islands varies from approximately 4,000 during the summer season to 1,000 during winter (June).[ଆଧାର ଲୋଡ଼ା] In addition to these permanent stations, approximately 30 field camps are established each summer to support specific projects.[୧][dubious ]

Research stations[ସମ୍ପାଦନା]

Base Open Country Established Operator Situation Coordinates Time zone
Aboa Summer Finland Finland 1988 Finnish Antarctic Research Program Queen Maud Land 73°03′S 13°25′W / 73.050°S 13.417°W / -73.050; -13.417 (Aboa (Finland))
Vernadsky Research Base Permanent ୟୁକ୍ରେନ Ukraine 1994 National Antarctic Scientific Center Galindez Island 65°14′44.6″S 64°15′26″W / 65.245722°S 64.25722°W / -65.245722; -64.25722 (Vernadsky Research Base (Ukraine)) UTC-3
Almirante Brown Antarctic Base Summer Argentina Argentina 1951 Argentine Antarctic Institute Antarctic Peninsula 64°53′42.4″S 62°52′16.8″W / 64.895111°S 62.871333°W / -64.895111; -62.871333 (Almirante Brown Antarctic Base (Argentina)) UTC-3
Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station Permanent United States United States 1957 United States Antarctic Program Geographical South Pole 90°S 0°E / 90°S 0°E / -90; 0 (Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station (USA)) UTC+12*
Artigas Base Permanent Uruguay Uruguay 1984 Uruguayan Antarctic Institute King George Island 62°11′3.4″S 58°54′11.9″W / 62.184278°S 58.903306°W / -62.184278; -58.903306 (Artigas Base (Uruguay)) UTC-3
Asuka Station unmanned observation Japan Japan 1985 National Institute of Polar Research Queen Maud Land 71°31′34″S 24°08′17″E / 71.52611°S 24.13806°E / -71.52611; 24.13806 (Asuka Station (Japan))
Belgrano II Permanent Argentina Argentina 1979 Argentine Antarctic Institute Coats Land 77°52′27.8″S 34°37′14.9″W / 77.874389°S 34.620806°W / -77.874389; -34.620806 (General Belgrano II (Argentina)) UTC-3
Bellingshausen Station Permanent Russia Russia 1968 King George Island 62°11′47″S 58°57′39″W / 62.19639°S 58.96083°W / -62.19639; -58.96083 (Bellingshausen Station (Russia))
Bernardo O'Higgins Station Permanent Chile Chile 1948 Chilean Army, Logistics Antarctic Peninsula 63°19′15″S 57°53′56.2″W / 63.32083°S 57.898944°W / -63.32083; -57.898944 (Bernardo O'Higgins Riquelme Station (Chile)) UTC-4*
Bharati Permanent ଭାରତ India 2012 Indian Antarctic Program Larsemann Hills 69°24′28″S 76°11′14″E / 69.40778°S 76.18722°E / -69.40778; 76.18722 (Bharathi Station (India))
Byrd Station Summer United States United States 1957 United States Antarctic Program Marie Byrd Land 80°01′00″S 119°32′00″W / 80.01667°S 119.53333°W / -80.01667; -119.53333 (Byrd Station (USA))
Captain Arturo Prat Base Permanent Chile Chile 1947 Chilean Navy Greenwich Island 62°28′45″S 59°39′51″W / 62.47917°S 59.66417°W / -62.47917; -59.66417 (Captain Arturo Prat Base (Chile)) UTC-4*
Casey Station Permanent ଅଷ୍ଟ୍ରେଲିଆ Australia 1957 Australian Antarctic Division Vincennes Bay 66°16′55.6″S 110°31′31.9″E / 66.282111°S 110.525528°E / -66.282111; 110.525528 (Casey Station (Australia)) UTC+8
Comandante Ferraz Antarctic Station Permanent Brazil Brazil 1984 Brazilian Antarctic Program King George Island 62°05′00″S 58°23′28.2″W / 62.08333°S 58.391167°W / -62.08333; -58.391167 (Comandante Ferraz Brazilian Antarctic Base (Brazil)) UTC-3
Concordia Station Permanent France France
Italy Italy
2005 Dome C, Antarctic Plateau 75°06′00″S 123°20′00″E / 75.10000°S 123.33333°E / -75.10000; 123.33333 (Concordia Station (France))
Dakshin Gangotri Station Replaced by Maitri Station ଭାରତ India 1984~1991 Indian Antarctic Program Queen Maud Land 70°45′S 11°46′E / 70.750°S 11.767°E / -70.750; 11.767 (Dakshin Gangotri Station (India))
Davis Station Permanent ଅଷ୍ଟ୍ରେଲିଆ Australia 1957 Australian Antarctic Division Princess Elizabeth Land 68°34′35.3″S 77°58′9.2″E / 68.576472°S 77.969222°E / -68.576472; 77.969222 (Davis Station (Australia)) UTC+7
Dome Fuji Station Permanent Japan Japan 1995 National Institute of Polar Research Queen Maud Land 77°19′01″S 39°42′12″E / 77.31694°S 39.70333°E / -77.31694; 39.70333 (Dome Fuji Station (Japan))
Dumont d'Urville Station Permanent France France 1956 Adélie Land 66°39′47.3″S 140°00′5.3″E / 66.663139°S 140.001472°E / -66.663139; 140.001472 (Dumont d'Urville Station (France)) UTC+10
Base Presidente Eduardo Frei Montalva and Villa Las Estrellas Permanent Chile Chile 1969 Chilean Air Force King George Island 62°11.7′S 58°58.7′W / 62.1950°S 58.9783°W / -62.1950; -58.9783 (Base Presidente Eduardo Frei Montalva (Chile)) UTC-4*
Esperanza Base Permanent Argentina Argentina 1975 Argentine Antarctic Institute Hope Bay 63°23′50.3″S 56°59′49.3″W / 63.397306°S 56.997028°W / -63.397306; -56.997028 (Esperanza Base (Argentina)) UTC-3
Gabriel de Castilla Spanish Antarctic Station Summer Spain Spain 1989 Marine biology [୨] Deception Island 62°58′40.5″S 60°33′38.4″W / 62.977917°S 60.560667°W / -62.977917; -60.560667 (Gabriel de Castilla Spanish Antarctic Station (Spain))
Georg von Neumayer Station Replaced by Neumayer Station Germany Germany 1981-1992 Alfred Wegener Institute Queen Maud Land 70°37′00″S 08°22′00″W / 70.61667°S 8.36667°W / -70.61667; -8.36667 (Georg von Neumayer Station (Germany)) UTC
Gonzalez Videla Station Summer Chile Chile 1951 Chilean Air Force Paradise Bay, Water Boat Point. 64°49′24″S 62°51′29″W / 64.82333°S 62.85806°W / -64.82333; -62.85806 (Gonzalez Videla Station (Chile))
Great Wall Station Permanent ଚୀନ China 1985 Meteorology King George Island 62°13′02″S 58°57′41.5″W / 62.21722°S 58.961528°W / -62.21722; -58.961528 (Great Wall Station (China))
Halley Research Station Permanent United Kingdom United Kingdom 1956 British Antarctic Survey Brunt Ice Shelf 75°35′00″S 26°34′00″W / 75.58333°S 26.56667°W / -75.58333; -26.56667 (Halley Research Station (UK))
Henryk Arctowski Polish Antarctic Station Permanent Poland Poland 1977 Polish Academy of Sciences King George Island 62°09′0.14″S 058°28′2.1″W / 62.1500389°S 58.467250°W / -62.1500389; -58.467250 (Henryk Arctowski Polish Antarctic Station (Poland))
Jang Bogo Station (proposed) Permanent South Korea South Korea 2014 Korea Antarctic Research Program Terra Nova Bay
Jinnah Antarctic Station Summer ପାକିସ୍ତାନ Pakistan 1991 Pakistan Antarctic Programme Sør Rondane Mountains, Queen Maud Land 70°24′S 25°45′E / 70.400°S 25.750°E / -70.400; 25.750 (Jinnah Antarctic Station (Pakistan))
Juan Carlos I Antarctic Base Summer Spain Spain 1988 CSIC. Laboratory, investigation and meteorogical station. [୩] South Bay, Livingston Island 62°39′45.9″S 60°23′25.3″W / 62.662750°S 60.390361°W / -62.662750; -60.390361 (Juan Carlos I Base (Spain))
Jubany Permanent Argentina Argentina 1953 Argentine Antarctic Institute King George Island 62°14′16.7″S 58°40′0.2″W / 62.237972°S 58.666722°W / -62.237972; -58.666722 (Jubany (Argentina)) UTC-3
King Sejong Station Permanent South Korea South Korea 1988 Korea Antarctic Research Program King George Island 62°13′23.2″S 58°47′13.4″W / 62.223111°S 58.787056°W / -62.223111; -58.787056 (King Sejong Station (South Korea))
Kohnen-Station Summer Germany Germany 2001 Alfred Wegener Institute Queen Maud Land 75°00′S 00°04′E / 75.000°S 0.067°E / -75.000; 0.067 (Kohnen-Station (Germany))
Kunlun Station Summer ଚୀନ China 2009 Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administration Dome A 80°25′01″S 77°06′58″E / 80.41694°S 77.11611°E / -80.41694; 77.11611 (Kunlun Station (China))
Law-Racoviţă Station Permanent Romania Romania 1986 Romanian Polar Research Institute Larsemann Hills, Princess Elizabeth Land 69°23′18.9″S 76°22′50.75″E / 69.388583°S 76.3807639°E / -69.388583; 76.3807639 (Law-Racoviţă Station (Romania))
Leningradskaya Station Re-opening in 2007/2008 Russia Russia 1971 Russian Antarctic Expedition Oates Coast, Victoria Land 69°30′00″S 159°23′00″E / 69.50000°S 159.38333°E / -69.50000; 159.38333 (Leningradskaya Station (Russia))
Machu Picchu Research Station Summer Peru Peru 1989 Peruvian Antarctic Institute (INANPE) [୪] Admiralty Bay, King George Island 62°05′29.9″S 58°28′15.4″W / 62.091639°S 58.470944°W / -62.091639; -58.470944 (Machu Picchu Research Station (Peru))
Maitri Station Permanent ଭାରତ India 1989 Indian Antarctic Program Schirmacher Oasis 70°45′57.7″S 11°43′56.2″E / 70.766028°S 11.732278°E / -70.766028; 11.732278 (Maitri Station (India))
Maldonado Base Summer Ecuador Ecuador 1990 Greenwich Island 62°26′56.6″S 59°44′29″W / 62.449056°S 59.74139°W / -62.449056; -59.74139 (Maldonado Base (Ecuador))
Marambio Base Permanent Argentina Argentina 1969 Argentine Antarctic Institute Seymour-Marambio Island 64°14′27.1″S 56°37′26.7″W / 64.240861°S 56.624083°W / -64.240861; -56.624083 (Marambio Base (Argentina)) UTC-3
Mario Zucchelli Station Summer Italy Italy 1986 Oceanobiology, Oceanography, Geology, Geomorphology, Glaciology, Meteorology, Climatology, Seismology, Magnetism and Ecology [୫] Terra Nova Bay, Ross Sea 74°41′39.9″S 164°06′46.5″E / 74.694417°S 164.112917°E / -74.694417; 164.112917 (Mario Zucchelli Station (Italy)) UTC+12
Mawson Station Permanent ଅଷ୍ଟ୍ରେଲିଆ Australia 1954 Australian Antarctic Division Mac Robertson Land 67°36′10.1″S 62°52′22.8″E / 67.602806°S 62.873000°E / -67.602806; 62.873000 (Mawson Station (Australia)) UTC+6
McMurdo Station Permanent United States United States 1956 United States Antarctic Program Ross Island 77°50′43.4″S 166°40′11.2″E / 77.845389°S 166.669778°E / -77.845389; 166.669778 (McMurdo Station (USA)) UTC+12*
Mendel Polar Station Summer Czech Republic Czech Republic 2006 biological, geological and climate research James Ross Island 63°48′6.5″S 57°53′7.9″W / 63.801806°S 57.885528°W / -63.801806; -57.885528 (Mendel Polar Station (Czech Republic))
Mirny Station Permanent Russia Russia 1956 glaciology, seismology, meteorology, polar lights, cosmic radiation, and marine biology Davis Sea 66°33′10.4″S 93°00′34.8″E / 66.552889°S 93.009667°E / -66.552889; 93.009667 (Mirny Station (Russia))
Mizuho Station irregular (transshipment station) Japan Japan 1970 National Institute of Polar Research 70°41′53″S 44°19′54″E / 70.69806°S 44.33167°E / -70.69806; 44.33167 (Mizuho Station (Japan))
Molodyozhnaya Station Re-opening in 2007/2008 Russia Russia
Belarus Belarus
1962 Meteorology[୬]Russian Antarctic Expedition 67°39′57.0″S 45°50′33.2″E / 67.665833°S 45.842556°E / -67.665833; 45.842556 (Molodyozhnaya Station (Russia))
Neumayer Station Permanent Germany Germany 1992 Alfred Wegener Institute Atka Bay 70°39′5.6″S 08°15′51.9″W / 70.651556°S 8.264417°W / -70.651556; -8.264417 (Neumayer Station (Germany)) UTC
Neumayer-Station III Permanent Germany Germany 2009 Alfred Wegener Institute Atka Bay 70°40′8″S 08°16′1.95″W / 70.66889°S 8.2672083°W / -70.66889; -8.2672083 (Neumayer-Station III (Germany)) UTC
Novolazarevskaya Station Permanent Russia Russia 1961 Queen Maud Land 70°49′21.1″S 11°38′40.1″E / 70.822528°S 11.644472°E / -70.822528; 11.644472 (Novolazarevskaya Station (Russia))
Orcadas Base Permanent Argentina Argentina 1904 Argentine Antarctic Institute, Argentine Navy Laurie Island, South Orkney Islands 60°44′15.5″S 44°44′22″W / 60.737639°S 44.73944°W / -60.737639; -44.73944 (Orcadas Base (Argentina)) UTC-3
Palmer Station Permanent United States United States 1968 Science labs, a dock and a helicopter pad. Anvers Island 64°46′27.1″S 64°03′11″W / 64.774194°S 64.05306°W / -64.774194; -64.05306 (Palmer Station (USA)) UTC-4
Princess Elisabeth Base Permanent Belgium Belgium 2007 Energy-passive research station. Queen Maud Land 71°34′12″S 23°12′00″E / 71.57000°S 23.20000°E / -71.57000; 23.20000 (Princess Elisabeth Base (Belgium))
Professor Julio Escudero Base Permanent Chile Chile 1994 Chilean Antarctic Institute King George Island 62°12′4.2″S 58°57′45.3″W / 62.201167°S 58.962583°W / -62.201167; -58.962583 (Professor Julio Escudero Base (Chile)) UTC-4*
Progress Station Summer Russia Russia 1988 Russian Antarctic Expedition Prydz Bay 69°22′48.2″S 76°23′19.1″E / 69.380056°S 76.388639°E / -69.380056; 76.388639 (Progress Station (Russia))
Rothera Research Station Permanent United Kingdom United Kingdom 1975 British Antarctic Survey Adelaide Island 67°34′08.3″S 68°07′29.1″W / 67.568972°S 68.124750°W / -67.568972; -68.124750 (Rothera Research Station (UK))
Russkaya Station Re-opening in 2007/2008 Russia Russia 1980 Russian Antarctic Expedition Marie Byrd Land 74°46′00″S 136°52′00″W / 74.76667°S 136.86667°W / -74.76667; -136.86667 (Russkaya Station (Russia)) UTC-6[୭]
San Martín Base Permanent Argentina Argentina 1951 Argentine Antarctic Institute Barry Island 68°07′48.9″S 67°06′7.2″W / 68.130250°S 67.102000°W / -68.130250; -67.102000 (San Martín Base (Argentina)) UTC-3
SANAE IV (South African National Antarctic Expedition) Permanent South Africa South Africa 1962 (SANAE I) South African National Antarctic Programme Vesleskarvet in Queen Maud Land 71°40′21.9″S 2°50′24.9″W / 71.672750°S 2.840250°W / -71.672750; -2.840250 (SANAE IV (South Africa))
St. Kliment Ohridski Base Permanent Bulgaria Bulgaria 1988 Biological research, laboratorial and meteorological measurements. First Eastern Orthodox chapel, St. Ivan Rilski Emona Anchorage, Livingston Island 62°38′29″S 60°21′53″W / 62.64139°S 60.36472°W / -62.64139; -60.36472 (St. Kliment Ohridski Base (Bulgaria))
Scott Base Permanent New Zealand New Zealand 1957 Antarctic physical environments, Southern Ocean and Antarctic ecosystems. Ross Island 77°50′58.5″S 166°46′5.9″E / 77.849583°S 166.768306°E / -77.849583; 166.768306 (Scott Base (New Zealand)) UTC+12
Showa Station Permanent Japan Japan 1957 National Institute of Polar Research East Ongul Island 69°00′15.6″S 39°34′48.9″E / 69.004333°S 39.580250°E / -69.004333; 39.580250 (Showa Station (Japan)) UTC+3
Signy Research Station Summer (Permanent 1947-1995) United Kingdom United Kingdom 1947 British Antarctic Survey Signy Island, South Orkney Islands 60°43′S 45°36′W / 60.717°S 45.600°W / -60.717; -45.600 (Signy Research Station (UK))
Siple Station Permanent United States United States 1973 STAR Lab 75°55′S 83°55′W / 75.917°S 83.917°W / -75.917; -83.917 (Siple Station (USA)) UTC+3
Svea Research Station Summer Sweden Sweden 1988 Swedish Polar Research Secretariat Queen Maud Land 74°34′34″S 11°13′31″W / 74.57611°S 11.22528°W / -74.57611; -11.22528 (Svea (Sweden))
Tor Station Summer Norway Norway 1993 Norwegian Polar Institute Queen Maud Land 71°53′20″S 05°09′30″E / 71.88889°S 5.15833°E / -71.88889; 5.15833 (Tor Station (Norway))
Troll Station Permanent Norway Norway 1990 Norwegian Polar Institute Queen Maud Land 72°00′43.5″S 2°31′56″E / 72.012083°S 2.53222°E / -72.012083; 2.53222 (Troll Station (Norway))
WAIS Divide Camp Summer United States United States 2005 United States Antarctic Program, Collect a deep ice core West Antarctic Ice Sheet 79°28′S 112°04′W / 79.467°S 112.067°W / -79.467; -112.067 (WAIS Divide Camp)
Wasa Research Station Summer Sweden Sweden 1989 Swedish Polar Research Secretariat Queen Maud Land 73°03′S 13°25′W / 73.050°S 13.417°W / -73.050; -13.417 (Wasa Station (Sweden))
Vostok Station Permanent Russia Russia 1957 Russian Antarctic Expedition Antarctic Ice Sheet 78°27′51.8″S 106°50′14″E / 78.464389°S 106.83722°E / -78.464389; 106.83722 (Vostok Station (Russia)) UTC+6
Zhongshan (Sun Yat-Sen) Station Permanent ଚୀନ China 1989 Polar Research Institute of China (PRIC) Larsemann Hills in Prydz Bay 69°22′24″S 76°22′12″E / 69.37333°S 76.37000°E / -69.37333; 76.37000 (Zhongshan (Sun Yat-Sen) Station (China))
* Observes daylight saving time.

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