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The simplest use is to place {{wikibreak}} on your user and/or user talk pages and the above will be displayed, but with your user name in place of "Wikibreak".
To change only the message, use {{wikibreak|message=YourMessage}}, where YourMessage is the message you wish to use instead of the default above.
For more options, see below.


Any and all parameters optional.

| [Name]
| back      =
| type      =
| message   =
| align     =
| bgcol     =
| image     =
| noimage   =
| imagesize =
| spacetype =
Parameter Description Example and default
Name Your username or nickname. {{wikibreak | Joe | ...}}
type Type of break:
  1. exams (changes image and message)
  2. attempting (changes message)
  3. long (changes message)
  4. wikibreak, normal, short (the default message)
{{wikibreak | type=long | ...}}
Default: #default
back Replaces "soon" in the default message. Deprecated. {{wikibreak | back=in January | ...}}
Default: soon
message Your own message rather than the default. {{wikibreak | message=Joe is elsewhere for now, but will check his talk page now and then. | ...}}
Default: "Name is taking a short wikibreak and will be back on Wikipedia soon."
align The alignment of the message. Options are "left", "center", and "right". {{wikibreak | message=Joe is elsewhere for now, but will check his talk page now and then. | align=left |...}}
Default: center
bgcol The name (e.g. "beige") or HTML hex (e.g. "#97AAC4") specifying the template's background colo(u)r. {{wikibreak ...| bgcol=pink | ...}}
Default: #F8EABA
image Filename of the image you wish to appear
beside the message (omitting "Image:" prefix).
{{wikibreak ...| image=MyImage.jpg | ...}}
Default: Sunset at Huntington Beach.jpg
noimage To display the template without a picture. {{wikibreak ...| noimage= | ...}}
Default: unused
spacetype Type of box:

tmbox (makes it appear like a tmbox)

{{wikibreak | spacetype=tmbox | ...}}
Default: mbox
imagesize Size of the image. {{wikibreak ...| imagesize=100px | ...}}
Default: 75px

If you feel that you can't stay away for your entire wikibreak, add the following to your user page: {{Wikibreak break}}

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