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This template may be used within a table of userboxes to create a link row to another table of userboxes. The syntax for this template is:



  • region is a required region or class name
  • location= optional target (default = Wikipedia:Userboxes/Location/{{{region|}}})
  • image= optional userbox image (default = Flag of {{{region|}}}.svg)
  • info-s= optional userbox font size in pixels (default = 11)

This template may be used with Template:Usbktop, Template:Usbk, and Template:Usbkbottom to create a table of userboxes.


{{usee|Argentina}} creates the following link row in a userbox table:

Code Result Users
See Argentina userboxes at
Flag of Argentina.svg[[Wikipedia:Userboxes/Location/Argentina|Argentina userboxes]]

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