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1 unit of length =
SI units
୧�00000 m ୧୦୦�000 cm
US customary / Imperial units
୩.୨୮୦୮୪ ft ୩୯.୩୭୦୧ in
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The template will convert a length in metres to various other units. It uses the {{#expr:}} parser to convert.


{{ unit of length
| name     = 
| m        =  
| accuracy = 
| nocat    = 

name=unit name (optional, defaulting to the article's page name)
m=distance of unit in metres
accuracy=number of significant figures (optional, default = 5)
nocat=to not add the page to Category:Units of length type " nocat= "

The resulting conversion will occur from the metre representation only. Any number larger than 10000 or smaller than 0.1 will be represented in Engineering notation, i.e. ×10 raised to a multiple of 3.


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