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{{Template link 2}}

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This template creates a formatted link to a template. Without an optional template name, this template creates a formatted but disabled link to the current page.

The syntax of this template is:



  • var1 is an option template name.
  • var2 through var8 are the optional parameters of template var1.

You must replace any equal signs (=) with their Unicode reference (=).


  • Without a template name:
{{temt}} creates {{Template link 2}}
{{temt|User WP Wales}} creates {{User WP Wales}}
{{temt|Template:User interest Utah}} creates {{Template:User interest Utah}}
{{temt|Wikipedia:WikiProject Puerto Rico/Userbox}} creates {{Wikipedia:WikiProject Puerto Rico/Userbox}}
  • With a template name and ordinal and named parameters:
{{temt|convert|4401.2|m|ft|0|sp=us}} creates {{convert|4401.2|m|ft|0|sp=us}}

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