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Bold ranks show taxa that will be shown in taxoboxes
because rank is principal or always_display=yes.

Ancestral taxa
colspan=4 style="text-align: center; background-color: transparent; text-align:center; border: 1px solid red;"|Ancestral taxa
Superregio: Neomura [Taxonomy; edit]
Domain: Eukaryota [Taxonomy; edit]
(unranked): Unikonta [Taxonomy; edit]
(unranked): Obazoa [Taxonomy; edit]
(unranked): Opisthokont [Taxonomy; edit]
(unranked): Holozoa [Taxonomy; edit]
(unranked): Filozoa [Taxonomy; edit]
Kingdom: Animalia [Taxonomy; edit]
Subkingdom: Eumetazoa [Taxonomy; edit]
Clade: Bilateria [Taxonomy; edit]
Clade: Nephrozoa [Taxonomy; edit]
Superphylum: Deuterostomia [Taxonomy; edit]
Phylum: Chordate [Taxonomy; edit]
Clade: Craniata [Taxonomy; edit]
Subphylum: Vertebrata [Taxonomy; edit]
Infraphylum: Gnathostomata [Taxonomy; edit]
Clade: Eugnathostomata [Taxonomy; edit]
Clade: Teleostomi [Taxonomy; edit]
Superclass: Tetrapoda [Taxonomy; edit]
Clade: Reptiliomorpha [Taxonomy; edit]
Clade: Amniote [Taxonomy; edit]
Clade: Sauropsida [Taxonomy; edit]
..... .....
Clade: Avemetatarsalia /skip [Taxonomy; edit]
Class: Bird [Taxonomy; edit]
Infraclass: Neognathae [Taxonomy; edit]
Superorder: Neoaves [Taxonomy; edit]
Clade: Litoritelluraves [Taxonomy; edit]
Clade: Telluraves [Taxonomy; edit]
Clade: Australaves [Taxonomy; edit]
Clade: Eufalconimorphae [Taxonomy; edit]
Clade: Psittacopasserae [Taxonomy; edit]
Order: Psittaciformes [Taxonomy; edit]

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Parent: Psittacopasserae (Taxonomyedit)
Rank: ordo (displays as Order)
Link: Parrot|Psittaciformes (links to Parrot)
Extinct: no.
Always displayed: Yes (major rank)
Taxonomic references: Alexander Suh; Martin Paus; Martin Kiefmann; Gennady Churakov; Franziska Anni Franke; Jürgen Brosius; Jan Ole Kriegs & Jürgen Schmitz (2011). "Mesozoic retroposons reveal parrots as the closest living relatives of passerine birds". Nature Communications. 2 (8): 443. doi:10.1038/ncomms1448. PMC 3265382. PMID 21863010.
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