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This template is a wrapper for the function taxonInfo in Module:Autotaxobox. It is only intended for use from within templates implementing the automated taxobox system.


The template returns information held in "Template:Taxonomy/taxon". The information is ultimately returned by one of the "Don't edit this line" variant templates.

{{Taxon info|taxon|item}}

item has one of the following primary values:

  • parent{{Taxon info|Felis|parent}} → Felinae
  • rank{{Taxon info|Pteranodon|rank}} → genus
  • link target{{Taxon info|Pteranodon|link_target}} → Pteranodon
  • plain link text{{Taxon info|Pteranodon|plain_link_text}} → Pteranodon
  • extinct{{Taxon info|Pteranodon|extinct}} → true
  • always display{{Taxon info|Araneomorphae|always_display}}Template:Taxonomy/Araneomorphae
  • refs{{Taxon info|Chenistonia|refs}}Template:Taxonomy/Chenistonia
  • same as{{Taxon info|Avialae/skip|same_as}} → Avialae

One same_as link will be followed, if it is present and the direct value of the item is the empty string. Thus Template:Taxonomy/Corallinaceae/stem-group has |same as=Corallinaceae plus |rank=stem-group, so all other values are obtained from Template:Taxonomy/Corallinaceae:

A special case is if the item requested has the value all. In this case, no same_as link is followed. All the values in the taxon's taxonomy template will be returned, separated by "$", in the order parent$rank$link$link_text$always_display$extinct$same_as$refs.