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This template may be placed at the top of the main page of a WikiProject, to clearly identify the page as such; thus replacing the default boilerplate text that many WikiProjects use, so that the introductory paragraph may have a more customized message. As with the {{Essay}} and {{Guideline}} templates, it accepts up to 5 shortcut parameters, as shown in the examples below. This template is not intended for pages that are similar to a WikiProject, but not named "Wikipedia:WikiProject topic"; the {{Proposed}} template may be more appropiate. Also, this template does not add the page to any categories, as WikiProjects are subcategorized in a very specific and topical manner, by the projects themselves.


With up to 5 shortcuts and one portal link allowed:

Tip: Make sure all of the shortcut parameters are on a single line.

Note: if the shortcut or portal links are actually valid, they will appear as blue, instead of red, hyperlinks.

Specify whether it is a topic-focused or internal Wikipedia process-focused project:

Specify whether it a task force (instead of a full project):

With 0px margins on the left and right side of the box:

Do not use this parameter unless there is a very good reason to do so within your project's layout; the size of this banner is standardized to match {{Essay}} and other "Wikipedia:"-namespace page-top templates for a reason.

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