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{{Prod blp/dated|concern=All biographies of living people created after March 18, 2010, must have references.|month=ଅକ୍ଟୋବର|day=୨୧|year=୨୦୨୧|time=୧୯:୫୯|timestamp=20211021195913|user=}}

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Template:Prod blp should be used to tag, for proposed deletion, any biography of a living person (BLP) which lacks at least one source directly supporting at least one statement made in the article about the article's subject; however, it may only be used for BLPs created after 18 March 2010. Editors using this process should be familiar with the Proposed deletion of biographies of living people policy.

Editors are encouraged to search for sources before tagging an article for deletion by this process. The tagger is strongly encouraged to notify the author(s) of each article, using the template {{ProdwarningBLP}}. Note that if you use Twinkle to apply this template, notification is done automatically.

If the template is removed from the article, it may be replaced in certain cases. Please refer to the BLP PROD policy for details.

Using these tags will categorise an article under Category:BLP articles proposed for deletion and Category:BLP articles proposed for deletion by days left, in addition to the current day's subcategory of Category:Proposed deletion.


Place one of the following lines text at the top of the article being proposed for deletion.

{{subst:Prod blp}}
{{subst:Prod blp|concern=place reason here}}
{{subst:Prod blp|concern=place reason here|user=}}

The template must be substituted, i.e. subst: must be used, otherwise an error will appear. When posted correctly, an emphatic 'proposed for deletion' notice will appear at the top of the page.

When saving the page, ensure that the edit summary states that you've proposed deletion. You may also wish to post further information on the article's talk page.

The user parameter is optional, and is used to identify the author of the page.

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