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Chemical element (unknown)
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This subtemplate of Template:NavPeriodicTable generates the rectangular entries (cells) for each element in the navigational periodic table.


 | number=94
 | name=Plutonium
 | category=
 | symbol=Pu <!-- note: symbol is not used -->
The (integer) atomic number of the element, in plain text.
Provide the name of the element in plain text.

This is the chemical series description. It recognises input from a limited list, see below. This input is used to set the background color, and is shown in the tooltip for each cell. The word unknown is recognised (showing a grey background), When the category= input is not recognised (not in this list), it will return a black cell.

The input is case-insensitive (A and a accepted).

| actinoid
| alkaline metal
| alkaline metal (predicted)
| alkaline earth metal
| alkaline earth metal (predicted)
| eka-superactinide
| eka-superactinide (predicted)
| noble gas
| noble gas (predicted)
| halogen
| halogen (predicted)
| metalloid
| metalloid (predicted)
| lanthanoid
| other non-metal
| other non-metal (predicted)
| post-transition metal
| post-transition metal (predicted)
| superactinide
| superactinide (predicted)
| transition metal
| transition metal (predicted)
| unknown <!-- note: "unknown" is recognised (defined) separately from default -->
| #default <!-- note: input not recognised, probably an error-situation, will return a black bg color -->
Parameter symbol= currently is not used.

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