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This template provides an external link to PubMed abstracts of biomedical journals.

It is intended to be used where a short in-text citation link is adequate to get the point across and where including a full citation might be overkill (as, for example, on talk pages).


The template requires a PMID abstract number to be given:

Call: {{PMID|12345678}}
Result: PMID 12345678

To find a PMID abstract number, search for the article at https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed

(Note: At present the Wikipedia software still recognizes in-text PMIDs automagically, so it is not normally necessary to use this template when only a single PMID should be given, however, support for magic links will be removed from Mediawiki soon.)

However, this template also supports up to 9 PMIDs, so the template comes in helpful to conveniently format lists of PMIDs (for example, in tables):

Call: {{PMID|12345678|23456789|12344321}}
Result: PMID 12345678, 23456789, 12344321

For leadouts different from the default "," this can be specified using the optional |leadout= parameter:

Call: {{PMID|12345678|23456789|12344321|leadout=and}}
Result: PMID 12345678, 23456789 and 12344321

The template also supports plain links using the |plainlink= parameter:

Call: {{PMID|12345678|23456789|12344321|plainlink=yes}}
Result: 12345678, 23456789, 12344321
Call: {{PMID|12345678|23456789|12344321|leadout=and|plainlink=yes}}
Result: 12345678, 23456789 and 12344321

Full citation[ସମ୍ପାଦନା]

To generate full Template:Cite journal markup from a known PubMed abstract number, use Diberri's Wikipedia template filling tool which, for the example above, may yield something like:

Rubinstein, M. H. (1976). "A new granulation method for compressed tablets [proceedings]". Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology. 28 Supplement: 67P. PMID 12345.

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