Produces an overline. {{overline|RESET}} gives RESET. For a single letter, the Unicode combining accent U+0305 is a possible alternative: x̅ or x̅ produces x̅. For multiple letters, use the Unicode method when it is not desired for the overline to be continuous: {{overline|x}}{{overline|x}}{{overline|T}}{{overline|T}} gives xxTT; x̅x̅T̅T̅ gives x̅x̅T̅T̅. The wikitext may be rendered easier to read by using the Unicode method, previewing the page, and copying and pasting the overlined text into the wikitext.


There is a mandatory first parameter, followed by an optional second parameter. If the second parameter is used, only the second parameter will be under the overline.

  • {{overline|EXIT}}EXIT
  • {{overline|12.|3}} → 12.3

The second produces exactly the same formatted output as 12.{{overline|3}}, but may be preferred when formatting repeating decimal numbers as it is easier to see the number in the wikitext.

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