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This template was created to deal with articles and sections in which the factual accuracy of the article may be compromised due to out-of-date information. Standard formatting is {{Out of date|article}}.

This template will add articles to Category:Articles with obsolete information.


The default word "article" is replaceable, for example with "table" or "section": {{Out of date|table}} produces:

A date parameter can also be used to inform other editors of the time the tag has been in place: {{Out of date|article|date=ଜୁଲାଇ ୨୦୨୦}} produces:


  • If there is no dispute about the need for an update, an out-of-date article or section can be marked with Template:Update.
  • Template:Update after is for individual statements that will be out-of-date at a specifiable future date. It now links to the same category that Template:Update does, once the specified date has passed.
  • Template:As of is for individual statements that may become out-of-date at an unknown future date. It categorises statements by the date from which the statement originated.

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