Wikileaks has been involved in a number of high profile leaks of documents, including 251,287 in November 2010. People occasionally come to Wikipedia seeking to praise us, excoriate us, or just discuss our actions in leaking these documents, without understanding that we have no connection with Wikileaks, other than previously sharing a software platform that also informs both of our names. As the profile of Wikileaks increases we are getting more of these messages, so this template is intended as an easy way to inform these misguided souls that they are in the wrong place.


  • This template can be transcluded or substituted by prefixing "subst:" inside the template code. For the latter, use {{subst:Notleaks}} rather than {{Notleaks}}.
  • The template does not include automatic signing. Please remember to sign by typing four tildes (~) after the template syntax.