ଛାଞ୍ଚ:Not Odia/doc


{{Not Odia/doc}} will categorise tagged articles into Category:Wikipedia articles needing translation.


{{Not Oriya|language|article or section}}
  • language: Optional. The name of the language that needs translation, for example, "French" or "Mexican Spanish". If omitted, it is assumed the language is unknown.
  • article or section: Optional.' A description of which part of an article needs translating, for example "Hungarian names".
    • If the literal text "section" is specified, the template should be placed at the top of the section needing translating. If omitted, "article" is assumed. {{NotOriya-section}} can be used to achieve the same end.

If the language is one recognised as capable of translation by Google Translate, a link will be added to it within the page transcluding the template.

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