ଛାଞ୍ଚ:Non-free software screenshot/doc


This is a boilerplate template that should be applied to screenshots of non-free software.


Full syntax[ସମ୍ପାଦନା]

{{Non-free software screenshot [|Category name][|image has rationale = yes]}}

In the above syntax:

Items written in bold must be typed exactly as you see them.
Items written in italic are abstract names which you replace with appropriate text in the image description page.
Items enclosed in brackets ("[" and "]") are optional. You may skip them.

This template has two optional parameters:

Parameter Description
image has rationale If it is set to yes, the text at the bottom of the template requesting that the uploader provide a fair use rationale or use a free screenshot is removed.
Category name By default, images with this template will be sorted into Category:Screenshots of software. Optionally, the first unnamed parameter can also be a category name, so that a screenshot may be sorted into a more specific category. For example:

{{Non-free software screenshot|Screenshots of video games}}

will place the image into Category:Screenshots of video games.

Most used categories include:

  • Screenshots of Windows software
  • Screenshots of Linux software
  • Screenshots of Mac software
  • Screenshots of web-based software
  • Screenshots of video games

Please do not add images to "Free screenshots" or "Screenshots of public domain software" categories with this template because this template is only for copyrighted software.

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