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This template must be placed in the Licensing section of non-free posters to identify them as such. Note: Posters with US copyrights before 1964 are mostly in the public domain due to failure to formally renew the copyright on the poster. In this case the template {{PD-art|PD-US-not renewed}} should be used instead of this template. See Copyright renewal.


Simply insert this template into the Licensing section of an image description page. It should look like this:

{{Non-free poster}}

Doing so will alternatively put the image into Non-free posters category. However, you have the option of putting the image into one of the appropriate sub-categories such as Event poster images, Film poster images, Animated film posters, Theatre poster images, etc. To so, simply pass the name of the category as the first unnamed parameter. The following example puts the image into Film poster images:

{{Non-free poster|Film poster images}}

Make sure you preview your edit and verify the result.