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This template is designed to be used in the {{Multiple issues}} template.

To add a new issue use something like

{{Multiple issues/message
| name       = {{{unreferenced|}}}
| message    = * It does not '''cite any [[Wikipedia:Citing sources|references or sources]]'''. Please help improve this article by citing [[Wikipedia:Verifiability|reliable sources]]
| cat        = All articles lacking sources
| cat-dated  = Articles lacking sources 

to {{Multiple issues}} which will show as

Note: you will not currently need to use cat-undate, and may not need to use cat.

Additional date field[ସମ୍ପାଦନା]

Because the "expert" parameter uses a subject name rather than a date, a date field has been introduced. This will be used, where supplied, if the name field isn't a valid date.


The code unravelled looks something like this:

        |<small> Tagged since {{checkdate|{{{name}}}}}.</small>
            |[[Category:{{{cat-date}}} {{checkdate|{{{name}}}}}]]}}