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Weisstein, Eric W., "MathWorld" and "MathWorld", MathWorld.

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This template is used for references to http://mathworld.wolfram.com.


Param id or urlname

e.g.: GammaFunction

Param title

e.g.: Gamma Function

Param author (optional)

e.g.: John Doe (default is Eric W. Weisstein)

Html anchor[edit]

The template uses an html anchor of #Reference-Mathworld-(article name). Thus to reference a MathWorld article entitled "Gigantic Prime" using Harvard style references, use ([[#Reference-Mathworld-Gigantic Prime|Weisstein]]) which will display as: (Weisstein). When clicked, the link is to the reference in the example below.


  • Code: {{MathWorld |title=Gigantic Prime |id=GiganticPrime}}
Output: Weisstein, Eric W., "Gigantic Prime", MathWorld.
  • Code: {{MathWorld |title=Gigantic Prime |id=GiganticPrime|title2=Prime Number|id2=PrimeNumber}}
Output: Weisstein, Eric W., "Gigantic Prime" and "Prime Number", MathWorld.

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