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This template links to a page used to collect feedback, in a format to be specified. Feedback pages should be created initially with Template:Feedback page at the top.

{{leave feedback}} alone returns nothing, parameters must be used:

  • {{Leave feedback|format=link}} returns Leave feedback
  • {{Leave feedback|format=table}} returns:

  • {{Leave feedback|format=coord}} returns the link in span "coordinates", see at the top right of the page Leave feedback
  • {{Leave feedback|format=box}} returns an InputBox:

The template returns:

  • If it doesn't work on a page, try to specify the {{{page}}} parameter with url encoding, that is _ instead of spaces, %27 instead of ', etc. You can use {{urlencode:string}} to do urlencoding.


  • Add to the bottom of Help: and possibly some Wikipedia: pages

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