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{{Infobox sportsperson
| name             = 
| image            = <!-- name.jpg -->
| image_size       = <!--Only for images narrower than 220 pixels.-->
| alt              = 
| caption          = 
| headercolor      = 
| native_name      = 
| native_name_lang = 
| birth_name       = 
| fullname         = 
| nickname         = 
| nationality      = 
| ethnicity        = 
| citizenship      = 
| birth_date       = <!-- {{birth date and age|yyyy|mm|dd}} -->
| birth_place      = 
| death_date       = <!-- {{death date and age|death year|death month|death day|birth year|birth month|birth day}} -->
| death_place      = 
| resting_place    = 
| monuments        = 
| residence        = 
| education        = 
| alma_mater       = 
| occupation       = 
| years_active     = 
| employer         = 
| agent            = 
| height           = <!-- {{convert|}} (yyyy) -->
| weight           = <!-- {{convert|}} (yyyy) -->
| spouse           = 
| life_partner     = 
| other_interests  = 
| website          = <!-- {{URL|www.example.com}} -->
| country          = 
| sport            = 
| disability       = 
| disability_class = 
| rank             = 
| event            = 
| collegeteam      = 
| universityteam   = 
| league           = 
| league_type      = 
| club             = 
| team             = 
| turnedpro        = 
| partner          = 
| former_partner   = 
| coach            = 
| retired          = 
| coaching         = 
| worlds           = 
| regionals        = 
| nationals        = 
| olympics         = 
| paralympics      = 
| highestranking   = 
| pb               = 
| medaltemplates   = 
| show-medals      = 
| updated          = {{subst:CURRENTDAY}} {{subst:CURRENTMONTHNAME}} {{subst:CURRENTYEAR}}


Parameter Description
name The short or common name of the subject. If this parameter is omitted, the name of the article is used.
image An image of the subject. Type the name of the image file without adding File: before it or wikilinking it. If no image is available yet, do not use an image placeholder.
image_size The image size. Only use this parameter if the image is less than 220 pixels in width. If so, than indicate the image's respective width in pixels, like this: image_size=200px.
alt Alt text for the image displayed.
caption A caption for the image displayed.
headercolor To change the default color of headers, indicate a color name (e.g., lightblue or orange) or a hex triplet (e.g., #2468A0). To determine the hex triplet of a color, see List of colors; or go to List of colors#Colors by shade, click on the article associated with the desired color, and look up the hex triplet.
Personal information
native_name The person's name in their own language, if different.
native_name_lang ISO 639-2 code, e.g., "fre" or "fra" for French. If more than one, use {{lang}} in |native_name= instead.
birth_name The birth name of the subject.
fullname The full name of the subject.
nickname The subject's common nickname(s). If there is more than one, list the names alphabetically and separate them with commas.
nationality The subject's nationality. May be used instead of citizenship (below) or vice versa in cases where any confusion could result. Should only be used with citizenship when they somehow differ. Should only be used if nationality cannot be inferred from the birthplace. Do not use a flag template.
ethnicity Ethnic background. Rarely useful, and must be supported with a citation from a reliable source. Do not use a flag template.
citizenship Country of legal citizenship, if different from nationality. Rarely needed. See usage notes for nationality above. Should only be used if citizenship cannot be inferred from the birthplace. Do not use a flag template.
birth_date The subject's birth date. Use {{birth date and age|year|month|day}}.
birth_place The subject's place of birth. Do not use a flag template.
death_date The subject's death date, if applicable. Use {{death date and age|death year|death month|death day|birth year|birth month|birth day}}.
death_place The subject's place of death, if applicable. Do not use a flag template.
resting_place Place of burial, ash-scattering, etc. Do not use a flag template.
monuments Significant monuments erected, buildings named, etc., in honour of the subject. If many, link to an appropriate section of the article instead.
residence The subject's place of residence. Do not use a flag template.
education Education, e.g., degree, institution and graduation year, if relevant. If very little information is available or relevant, the |alma_mater= parameter may be more appropriate.
alma_mater The sportsperson's alma mater. This parameter is a more concise alternative to |education=, and will most often simply consist of the linked name of the last-attended higher education institution. It is usually not relevant to include either parameter for non-graduates, but article talk page consensus may conclude otherwise, as at Bill Gates.
occupation Occupation as given in the article lead, including sport and non-sport professions, e.g., Professional [[football (soccer)|footballer]], [[coach]], [[sports journalist]] and [[venture capitalist]]. Try to avoid too much redundancy with the |sport= parameter.
years_active Date range in years of the subject's activity in their principal occupation(s) and/or other activity for which they are notable. Use the format 1950–2000, or 1970–present if still active (note the use of an en dash, not hyphen). Do not link dates or years.
employer The subject's employer(s). This is a good place for noting publications that the subject writes articles for, TV shows they are commentators, sporting goods companies for whom they do endorsements, etc. Use {{ubl}} or {{pl}} to format multiple entries, and use common sense explanatory notes if needed, e.g., to distinguish between multiple sports or disciplines.
agent The subject's agent (individual and/or agency).
height The subject's height, if relevant.
  • If the subject is American (or primarily notable in English for playing on an American team, or for participating in U.S. sports) put measurements in feet and inches first, and use a template to convert to meters in parentheses, for example:
    {{height|precision=2|ft=6|in=2}} — giving "6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)"
  • If he or she is not American, place measurements in metres first, then use template to convert to feet and inches in parentheses, for example:
    {{height|precision=0|m=1.70}} — giving "୧.୭୦ m (୫ ft 7 in)"
  • If the subject's height stated in a source is the converted measurement, tweak the parameters of the {{height}} template if required to ensure that this measurement is accurately stated. For example, if a source states that an American athlete is 1.82 m tall, type {{height|precision=2|ft=5|in=11.7}} to get the result "5 ft 11.7 in (1.82 m)" (some experimentation using the "Show preview" button may be required). Indicating {{height|precision=2|ft=6|in=0}}, which would yield "6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)", would be inaccurate.
  • For sportspersons who have not reached their adult height, it is very important to add the year when the height was measured, in parentheses (round brackets) after the height.
  • Provide a reference for the information after the year, in parentheses, indicating in the footnote both the source and the original units, like this: "[source of information] (original measurement in feet and inches)"; see Wikipedia:Manual of Style (dates and numbers)#Unit conversions.
weight The subject's weight, if relevant.
  • If he or she is American (or primarily notable in English for playing for an American team, of for participating in U.S. sports), put measurements in pounds first, then in kilograms in parentheses, for example:
    {{convert|120|lb|kg}} — giving "120 pounds (54 kg)"
  • If he or she is not American, place measurements in kilograms first, then in pounds in parentheses, for example:
    {{convert|62|kg|lb|0}} — giving "62 kilograms (137 lb)"
  • Note that the final zero is necessary for correct rounding of kilogram-to-pound conversions.
  • After the weight, add the year when the weight was measured, in parentheses. Please supply a reference in the same manner as for the subject's height.
spouse Name of spouse(s), followed by years of marriage. Use the format Name (1950–present) for current spouse and Name (1970–1999) for former spouse(s); for convenience, consider using {{marriage}}. Separate entries using {{Plainlist}} or {{Unbulleted list}}. For deceased persons still married at time of death, close the date range with death year.
life_partner For unmarried life partners (of any gender or sexual preference), not business partners. Use the format Name (1950–present) for current partner and Name (1970–1999) for former partner(s).
other-interests Significant interests other than sports that the subject has. Please use this parameter sparingly.
website Official website only. Unofficial websites should be placed under ==External links== in the body of the article. Use {{URL}} as in {{URL|examplesite.com|ExampleSite.com}}. Do not include the www. part unless the server is misconfigured and requires it. Use camel case capitalization to make multiword domain names easier to read.
country The country or countries that the subject represents in sport, if any (not all sports involve nationalistic representation). Do not use a flag template. Wikilink the country name only if doing so would not be redundant with links already present in prior parameters. Use {{ubl}} or {{pl}} to format multiple entries, and use common sense explanatory notes if needed: {{ubl|United Kingdom (assoc. football, rugby league)|[[New Zealand]] (rugby union)}}.
sport The sport(s) that the subject has notably participated in (basketballers dabbling in tournament poker, or cricketers doing celebrity golf fundraisers does not count as notable participation in those sports). Use {{ubl}} or {{PL}} to format multiple entries; list the events chronologically, alphabetically or by depth of participation, as best suits the article; and give date ranges and other clarifications where appropriate. Link the name of the sport to a suitable Wikipedia article if one is available. Using the footballer example given under |occupation= above, the |sport= value might be {{ubl}}[[Rugby league]] (1991–1992)|[[Association football]] (1992–2001)|[[Rugby union]] (coach, 2001–present).
disability A disability that the subject has.
disability_class The disability sport classification(s) that the subject competes under.
rank The rank of the subject in their sport. Use {{colorbox}} to indicate belt colour for martial artists.
event The event(s) or discipline(s) within the sport that the subject specializes in, wikilinked to suitable article(s). Use {{ubl}} or {{PL}} to format multiple entries, and list the events alphabetically, chronologically or by depth of participation, as best suits the article{{ubl|[[Breaststroke]]|[[Freestyle swimming|Freestyle]]}}. This parameter should be removed when not useful, as in the case of the footballer example given in |occupation= and |sport=, above.
The team (squad) that the subject plays or played on at his or her university or college in the US sense. Note: you cannot use both of these parameters at once. Use {{ubl}} or {{PL}} to format multiple entries, and use common sense explanatory notes if needed, e.g., to distinguish between multiple sports or disciplines.
league The name of the sport league(s), federation(s) or other sanctioning system(s) under which the sportsperson plays/played. It is not necessary to add this parameter if the sport in question has only one such notable organization. For play under/membership in a regional (e.g., continental) federation, it may be useful to name that body and the parent organization, e.g., [[European Pocket Billiard Federation]] ([[World Pool-Billiard Association|WPA]]).
league_type Change the "League" heading to another word, such as "Federation", "Association", etc., to match the terminology used in the sport.
The name of the sport club(s) or team(s) that the subject belongs/belonged to, if any, with the years in parentheses. Use {{ubl}} or {{PL}} to format multiple entries. Do not use both, unless the terms have distinct meanings in the sport in question (which is not the case with football (soccer) – "club", "team" and "squad" are syonymous (but this template does not support a |squad= parameter).
turnedpro The date or year that the subject turned professional. Do not link dates or years.
partner Other sportpeople with whom the subject regularly plays, or used to play, doubles matches.
coach The name of a notable person who is coaching or once coached the subject, and the years in parentheses after the name.
retired The date or year (not wikilinked) that the subject retired from sports., if applicable. If the subject died before formal retirement, do not add the death date to this parameter, just remove it entirely. Do not link dates or years.
coaching The names of notable other sportspeople that the subject is now coaching. Only add the names of persons who have Wikipedia articles about them (no red links). If there is more than one person, arrange the names alphabetically by last name and separate them with commas.
Achievements and titles
worlds Significant titles the subject has earned at world or international, regional and national competitions, and at the Olympic or Paralympic Games, for example:
 |'''[[Athletics at the 2008 Summer Paralympics|2008 Summer Paralympics]]''': 200&nbsp;m &ndash; Gold
 |'''2008 Summer Paralympics''': 400&nbsp;m &ndash; Silver


* '''[[Athletics at the 2008 Summer Paralympics|2008 Summer Paralympics]]''': 200&nbsp;m &ndash; Gold
* '''2008 Summer Paralympics''': 400&nbsp;m &ndash; Silver

The string &nbsp; creates a non-breaking space between the number and the unit (see Wikipedia:Manual of Style (dates and numbers)#Non-breaking spaces). And &ndash; creates an en dash; alternatively, insert an en dash using the symbol table that appears below the edit window. {{Ubl}} ({{unbulleted list}}) and {{pl}} ({{plainlist}}) format lists with each item on its own line, with semantic and accessible HTML list mark-up, but no bullets.

Regional means multi-national, not sub-national; sub-national competition is not notable enough for an infobox.

If the sport is not Olympic, then remove the |olympics= parameter.

If the subject does not have a disability, then remove the |paralympics= parameter.

highestranking The subject's highest world ranking (as a cardinal numeral) with the year(s) when this was achieved in parentheses, like this: 1st (2005). Add the discipline/event or other clarifiers if needed: 1st (freestyle, 2005), or use a longer prose description of the title [[2009 WPA Men's World Nine-ball Championship|WPA World Nine-ball Champion (Men's Div., 2009)]].
pb If applicable, the personal best times the subject has achieved with the years when these were achieved in parentheses, using {{ubl}} or {{PL}} to format list items:
{{ubl|'''100&nbsp;m backstroke''': 1:03.17 (2001, '''WR''') |'''200&nbsp;m butterfly''': 2:12.63 (2003) }}

The following abbreviations may be used in parentheses after the year:
CR – competition record, NR – national record, OR – Olympic record, PR – Paralympic record, WR – world record.

Medal record
medaltemplates All templates from the medal record infobox except {{MedalTableTop}} and {{MedalBottom}}. Set out the medal templates in the order stated in the medal templates documentation, and arrange the competitions alphabetically by name.

{{MedalSport|[[Swimming#competitive swimming|Men's swimming]]}}
{{MedalCompetition|[[FINA World Aquatics Championships]]}}
{{MedalSilver|[[2005 World Aquatics Championships|2005 Montreal]]|200&nbsp;m [[breaststroke]]}}
{{MedalCompetition|[[Olympic Games]]}}
{{MedalGold|[[2008 Summer Olympics|2008 Beijing]]|[[Swimming at the 2008 Summer Olympics|100&nbsp;m freestyle]]}}
{{MedalCompetition|[[Pan Pacific Swimming Championships|Pan Pacific Championships]]}}
{{MedalBronze|[[2006 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships|2006 Victoria]]|100&nbsp;m [[butterfly stroke|butterfly]]}}
show-medals If show-medals=no, the medal table is collapsed. By default, it is expanded and will only be collapsed if the "hide" link is clicked. The default should be left as is unless there are more than three medals.
Used for embedding other infoboxes into this one. These parameters are not usually used directly in articles, and are mainly for creating other infoboxes based on this one with additional parameters. To see how these parameters are used, have a look at how {{Infobox swimmer}} is built. Note: module displays above the Sport heading and module2 displays above the Achievements and titles heading.


Laurentia Tan
Tan at a Paralympics celebration ceremony at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard on 20 September 2008
ବ୍ୟକ୍ତିଗତ ତଥ୍ୟ
ପୂରା ନାମLaurentia Tan Yen Yi
ଜନ୍ମ (1979-04-24) ୨୪ ଅପ୍ରେଲ ୧୯୭୯ (ବୟସ ୪୨)
ଘରUnited Kingdom
ଶିକ୍ଷାOxford Brookes University
Achievements and titles
Paralympic finals2008 Summer Paralympics: Individual Championship Dressage (IA) – Bronze; Individual Freestyle to Music Dressage (IA) – Bronze
Medal record
Competitor for  Singapore
Paralympic Games
Bronze 2008 Beijing Individual Championship Dressage (class IA)
Bronze 2008 Beijing Individual Freestyle to Music Dressage (class IA)
Updated on 17 September 2008.
{{Infobox sportsperson
| name           = Laurentia Tan
| image          = LaurentiaTan-portrait-20080920.jpg
| image_size     = 130px
| caption        = Tan at a Paralympics celebration ceremony at [[Cathay Cineleisure Orchard]] on 20 September 2008
| headercolor    = chocolate
| fullname       = Laurentia '''Tan''' Yen Yi
| nationality    = [[Singapore]]an
| birth_date     = {{birth date and age|1979|4|24|df=yes}}
| birth_place    = [[Singapore]]
| residence      = [[United Kingdom]]
| education      = [[Oxford Brookes University]]
| country        = [[Singapore]]
| sport          = [[Equestrianism]]
| event          = [[Dressage]]
| paralympics    = '''[[2008 Summer Paralympics]]''': Individual Championship Dressage (IA) – Bronze; Individual Freestyle to Music Dressage (IA) – Bronze
| medaltemplates = 
{{MedalSport       |[[Dressage]]}}
{{MedalCountry     |{{SGP}}}}
{{MedalCompetition |[[Paralympic Games]]}}
{{MedalBronze      |[[Equestrian at the 2008 Summer Paralympics|2008 Beijing]] |Individual Championship Dressage (class IA)}}
{{MedalBronze      |[[Equestrian at the 2008 Summer Paralympics|2008 Beijing]] |Individual Freestyle to Music Dressage (class IA)}}
| updated        = 17 September 2008


The HTML markup produced by this template includes an hCard microformat, which makes the person's details parsable by computers, either acting automatically to catalogue articles across Wikipedia or via a browser tool operated by a reader, to (for example) add the subject to an address book or database. For more information about the use of microformats on Wikipedia, please see the microformat project.


Date-of-birth ("bday") information will only be included in the microformat if {{birth date}}, or {{birth date and age}} are used in the infobox. (Do not use these if the date is before 1583). Be cautious about using these if the person is still living, per WP:DOB.

To include a URL, use {{URL}}.

Please do not remove instances of these sub-templates.


hCard uses HTML classes including:

  • adr
  • agent
  • bday
  • birthplace
  • category
  • country-name
  • deathdate
  • deathplace
  • extended-address
  • family-name
  • fn (required)
  • given-name
  • honorific-prefix
  • honorific-suffix
  • label
  • locality
  • n
  • nickname
  • note
  • org
  • role
  • url
  • vcard

Please do not rename or remove these classes nor collapse nested elements which use them.