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{{Infobox spaceflight
| name                  = <!--defaults to page title-->
| names_list            = <!--list of previous names if the spacecraft has been renamed. 
Include the dates applicable if possible, and separate each name with a linebreak. 
Omit if the spacecraft has only ever been known by one name. 
Do not include Harvard, COSPAR/NSSDC or SATCAT/NORAD/NASA designations as alternative names-->

<!--image of the spacecraft/mission-->
| image                 = <!--omit the "file" prefix-->
| image_caption         = <!--image caption-->
| image_alt             = <!--image alt text-->
| image_size            = <!--include px/em; defaults to 220px-->

<!--Basic details-->
| mission_type          = <!--eg. Technology, Reconnaissance, ISS assembly, etc-->
| operator              = <!--organisation(s) that operate(d) the spacecraft-->
| Harvard_designation   = <!--spacecraft launched 1962 and earlier only (eg. 1957 Alpha 2)-->
| COSPAR_ID             = <!--spacecraft launched since 1963 only (aka NSSDC ID; eg. 1998-067A)-->
| SATCAT                = <!--satellite catalogue number, omit leading zeroes (e.g. 25544)-->
| website               = <!--Homepage of the craft/mission, OFFICIAL PAGES ONLY-->
| mission_duration      = <!--How long the mission lasted-->
| distance_travelled    = <!--How far the spacecraft travelled (if known)-->
| orbits_completed      = <!--number of times the spacecraft orbited the Earth - see below for spacecraft beyond Earth orbit-->
| suborbital_range      = <!--downrange distance reached if spacecraft did not enter orbit-->
| suborbital_apogee     = <!--altitude reached if spacecraft did not enter orbit-->

<!--Spacecraft properties-->
| spacecraft            = <!--Spacecraft name/serial number (eg. Space Shuttle ''Discovery'', Apollo CM-118), etc-->
| spacecraft_type       = <!--eg. GPS Block II, Kobalt-M, US-K, etc-->
| spacecraft_bus        = <!--eg. A2100M, Star-2, etc-->
| manufacturer          = <!--company or companies who built the satellite-->
| launch_mass           = <!--fuelled mass at launch, not including rocket or upper stage-->
| BOL_mass              = <!--spacecraft mass in orbit at beginning of operational life, after LEOP phase-->
| landing_mass          = <!--Mass after landing (recovered spacecraft only)-->
| dry_mass              = <!--spacecraft mass in orbit without fuel-->
| payload_mass          = <!--Mass of cargo carried by spacecraft (eg. for Space Shuttle), or total mass of instrumentation/equipment/experiments for mission-->
| dimensions            = <!--body dimensions and solar array span-->
| power                 = <!--end-of-life power, in watts-->

<!--Expedition details-->
|space_station          = <!--space station the expedition occurred aboard-->
|start_date             = <!--date the crew took command of the station-->
|end_date               = <!--date the crew ceased command of the station-->
|arrival_craft          = <!--spacecraft the crew arrived aboard-->
|departure_craft        = <!--spacecraft the crew departed aboard-->

<!--Crew details-->
| crew_size             = <!--number of astronauts/cosmonauts aboard the spacecraft-->
| crew_members          = <!--crew who launched AND landed aboard the spacecraft-->
| crew_launching        = <!--crew who only launched aboard the spacecraft-->
| crew_landing          = <!--crew who only landed aboard the spacecraft-->
| crew_callsign         = <!--spacecraft's callsign-->
| crew_expedition       = <!--space station expedition(s) the mission was in support of, do NOT use if the mission is an expedition itself-->
| crew_EVAs             = <!--number of EVAs conducted during the mission-->
| crew_EVA_duration     = <!--time spent on EVA-->
| crew_photo            = <!--omit the "file" prefix-->
| crew_photo_alt        = <!--alt text for image-->
| crew_photo_caption    = <!--image caption-->
| crew_photo_size       = <!--defaults to 220px-->

<!--Launch details-->
| launch_date           = <!--{{start date|YYYY|MM|DD|hh|mm|ss|TZ=Z}}-->
| launch_rocket         = <!--Rocket that launched the satellite, include upper stage if distinct from rocket* and if possible flight/tail/serial number-->
| launch_site           = <!--Where the rocket launched from, including complex and pad; do not include the full address or country-->
| launch_contractor     = <!--organisation(s) that conducted the launch (eg. United Launch Alliance, Arianespace, etc)-->
| deployment_from       = <!--place where deployed from-->
| deployment_date       = <!--date deployed-->
| entered_service       = <!--date on which the spacecraft entered service, if it did not do so immediately after launch-->
<!-- * - e.g. Proton-M/Briz-M not Proton-M, but Titan IV(401)A not Titan IV(401)A-Centaur-->

<!--end of mission-->
| disposal_type         = <!--Whether the spacecraft was deorbited, decommissioned, placed in a graveyard orbit, etc-->
| deactivated           = <!--when craft was decommissioned-->
| destroyed             = <!--when craft was destroyed (if other than by re-entry)-->
| last_contact          = <!--when last signal received if not decommissioned-->
| recovery_by           = <!--recovered by-->
| recovery_date         = <!--recovery date-->
| decay_date            = <!--when craft re-entered the atmosphere, not needed if it landed-->
| landing_date          = <!--when the spacecraft made a controlled landing, not needed if it did not return intact-->
| landing_site          = <!--where the craft landed; site/runway or coordinates-->
    The following template should be used for ONE of the three above fields "end_of_mission", "decay" or "landing" if the spacecraft is no longer operational.
    If it landed intact, use it for the landing time, otherwise for the date it ceased operations, or the decay date if it was still operational when it re-entered.
    {{end date|YYYY|MM|DD|hh|mm|ss|TZ=Z}} (for Zulu/UTC) or {{end date|YYYY|MM|DD}} (if time unknown) 

<!--orbit parameters-->
<!--as science-related articles, SI units should be the principal units of measurement, however we usually use {{convert}} to display imperial units in parentheses after the initial values-->
| orbit_reference       = <!--geocentric, selenocentric, etc - please link (e.g. [[Geocentric orbit|Geocentric]])-->
| orbit_regime          = <!--high, low, medium, molniya, GSO - please link (e.g. [[Low Earth orbit|Low Earth]] - please don't use acronyms-->
| orbit_longitude       = <!--geosynchronous satellites only-->
| orbit_slot            = <!--Designation of orbital position or slot, if not longitude (e.g plane and position of a GPS satellite)-->
| orbit_semimajor       = <!--semimajor axis-->
| orbit_eccentricity    = <!--orbital eccentricity-->
| orbit_periapsis       = <!--periapsis altitude--> 
| orbit_apoapsis        = <!--apoapsis altitude--> 
| orbit_inclination     = <!--orbital inclination--> 
| orbit_period          = <!--time taken to complete an orbit-->
| orbit_RAAN            = <!--right ascension of the ascending node-->
| orbit_arg_periapsis   = <!--argument of perigee/periapsis-->
| orbit_mean_anomaly    = <!--mean anomaly at epoch, only use in conjunction with an epoch value-->
| orbit_mean_motion     = <!--mean motion of the satellite, usually measured in orbits per day-->
| orbit_repeat          = <!--repeat interval/revisit time-->
| orbit_velocity        = <!--speed at which the spacecraft was travelling at epoch - only use for spacecraft with low orbital eccentricity-->
| orbit_epoch           = <!--the date at which the orbit parameters were correct-->
| orbit_rev_number      = <!--revolution number-->
| apsis                 = <!--planet specific apsis term (eg. gee/helion/selene/etc - defaults to generic "apsis")-->

|interplanetary         = <!--Infobox spaceflight/IP can be called multiple times for missions with multiple targets or combined orbiter/lander missions, etc-->
 {{Infobox spaceflight/IP
   |type                = flyby/orbiter/impactor/atmospheric/lander/rover <!--delete as appropriate, MUST BE ONE OF THESE OPTIONS-->
   |object              = <!--body visited - e.g. Jupiter, Venus, etc-->
   |orbits              = <!--number of orbits completed at target body (if applicable and known)-->
   |component           = <!--part of the spacecraft involved, if spacecraft split into multiple components-->
   |arrival_date        = <!--Flybys: date/time of closest approach; Orbiters; orbital insertion date; Impactors/Landers/Rovers: impact/landing date/time; Atmospheric probes: atmospheric entry time-->
   |departure_date      = <!--Date of leaving orbit for orbiters, date of launch for landers which took off again-->
   |location            = <!--landing/impact site, including EOM impacts for atmospheric probes and lunar/asteroid orbiters-->
   |distance            = <!--closest approach distance for flybys, distance travelled on surface for rovers, omit for others-->
   |sample_mass         = <!--mass of samples returned (sample return missions only)-->
   |surface_EVAs        = <!--number of EVAs on the surface-->
   |surface_EVA_time    = <!--time spent on surface EVAs-->
   |periapsis           = <!--periapsis altitude-->
   |apoapsis            = <!--apoapsis altitude--> 
   |inclination         = <!--inclination to the object's equator-->
   |apsis               = <!--planet specific apsis term, as above-->

| docking               = <!--Infobox spaceflight/Dock can be called multiple times for missions with multiple dockings-->
 {{Infobox spaceflight/Dock
   | docking_target     = <!--spacecraft docked with-->
   | docking_type       = dock/berth/capture <!--delete as appropriate-->
   | type_override      = berth <!--delete if docking_type is not set to "capture"-->
   | docking_port       = <!--port at which the spacecraft docks/berths, if the target has more than one-->
   | docking_date       = <!--date/time of docking/berthing-->
   | undocking_date     = <!--date/time of undocking/unberthing-->
   | capture_date       = <!--RMS capture for berthed craft-->
   | release_date       = <!--RMS release for berthed craft-->
   | time_docked        = <!--time the spacecraft spent docked-->

<!--Cargo parameters-->
| payload_items         = <!--Major individual items (e.g. satellites deployed, etc)-->
| cargo_mass            = <!--Mass of the cargo aboard-->
| cargo_mass_press      = <!--Mass of pressurised cargo-->
| cargo_mass_unpress    = <!--Mass of unpressurised cargo (e.g. Dragon Trunk)-->
| cargo_mass_fuel       = <!--Mass of fuel transferred from spacecraft's tanks-->
| cargo_mass_gas        = <!--Mass of gasses transferred (e.g. oxygen)-->
| cargo_mass_water      = <!--Mass of water transferred-->

<!--Telescope parameters-->
| instrument_type       = <!--converts telescope fields to suit a camera or other similar instrument-->
| telescope_name        = <!--name, if different to the satellite-->
| telescope_type        = <!--type of telescope, mirror arrangement, etc--> 
| telescope_diameter    = <!--diameter of telescope-->
| telescope_focal_length= <!--focal length of telescope-->
| telescope_area        = <!--collecting area-->
| telescope_wavelength  = <!--wavelengths at which the telescope operates--> 
| telescope_resolution  = <!--resolution of telescope-->
| instruments           = <!--a list of instruments on the satellite-->

<!--transponder parameters-->
| trans_band            = <!--Transponder frequency bands-->
| trans_frequency       = <!--specific frequencies-->
| trans_bandwidth       = <!--bandwidth-->
| trans_capacity        = <!--capacity of the transponders-->
| trans_coverage        = <!--area covered-->
| trans_TWTA            = <!--TWTA output power-->
| trans_EIRP            = <!--equivalent isotropic power-->
| trans_HPBW            = <!--half-power beam width-->

<!--Only use where a spacecraft/mission is part of a clear programme of sequential missions. 
If in doubt, leave it out-->
| programme             = 
| previous_mission      =
| next_mission          =

<!--mission insignia or patch-->
| insignia              = <!--omit the "file" prefix-->
| insignia_caption      = <!--image caption-->
| insignia_alt          = <!--image alt text-->
| insignia_size         = <!--include px/em; defaults to 180px-->

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