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{{Infobox birth control/doc}} contains a consistent style within which to summarise some key points about a particular method of Birth control. Don't worry about trying to fill in all the fields -- even if you can only get one or two, that still can be useful and many do not apply to all methods.

While editing a birth control article, copy and paste the following text at the top of the page: (If you prefer, you can include the pipes at the beginning of the line instead.)

Full form, showing required, desirable ("...") and optional (blank) fields:

{{Infobox birth control
| name                 = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
| image                = 
| image_size           = 
| caption              = 
| bc_type              = REQUIRED
| pronounce            =
| synonym              =
| tradename            =
| Drugs.com            =
| date_first_use       = REQUIRED
| rate_type            = Failure
| failure_measure      = first year  <!--for EC, specify "per use"-->
| perfect_failure%     = REQUIRED
| perfect_failure_ref  = 
| typical_failure%     = REQUIRED
| typical_failure_ref  = 
| duration_effect      = 
| reversibility        = 
| user_reminders       = ...
| clinic_interval      = 
| STD_protection_YesNo = ...  <!--Use "Yes", "Possible", "Unlikely" or "No"-->
| periods              = ...
| weight_gain_loss     = ...  <!--Use "Gain", "Loss" or "No effect"-->
| benefits             = ...
| risks                = 
| medical_notes        = 

None of the fields are obligatory. Not all fields may be applicable to a particular method. For many fields (those not marked 'REQUIRED' or '?' above), if they are not defined then their row is not shown.

0) Title section

name - Optional - Defaults to the name of the article if not defined.

1) Image section

image - Optional - it may be helpful to provide an image if you can find one. Of course most images on the internet are copyrighted.
width - Optional - may be used to specify a custom width. If no width parameter is specified, it defaults to a width of 250.
caption - Optional - may be used to add a caption description to the image shown.

2) Background details section

bc_type - Required - describes the type of method, e.g. 'hormonal', 'barrier'. See Template:Birth control methods for categories.
date_first_use - Desirable - the date method first introduced, either a precise date or approximate era

3) Failure rates section

rate_type - "Failure" to get heading "Failure rate", or "Pregnancy" to get heading "Pregnancy rate", etc. Default: Pregnancy.
failure_measure - The section header indicates the measurement unit for values quoted.
If not specified, as for all routine contraceptive methods, this defaults to showing "first year".
For emergency contraception, effectiveness & failure rates are per occasion used, so specify as being "per use".
May also be used to add comments about what exactly this failure measure applies to. For example, for diaphragms failure rate may be for use "with spermicide"; for cervical caps failure rate listed in infobox may be for a specific brand of cap.
perfect_failure% - Required - the percentage method failure if perfect use. The '%' sign is added for you
typical_failure% - Required - the percentage method failure in typical "real-world" use when methodology may be incorrectly applied or used. The '%' sign is added for you

4) Usage section

duration_effect - Optional - used to indicate how long a method may be effective with no further intervention. Applies to barrier methods (e.g. condoms='new condom required for each erection', or IUDs='5 years' or caps '6 hours'
reversibility - Optional - information about time to regain fertility after discontinuing method. For natural and barrier methods this is 'immediate', for Depo-provera '0-9 months'
user_reminders - Desirable - describes actions or care required by user, e.g. natural methods='careful assessment and checking of fertile window dates', or IUDs='check thread position after each period', or Combined pills='take within 12hour window' or POP='take within 3 hour window'
clinic_interval - Optional - time between review visits at Doctor/Nurse/Family planning clinic. Not required for natural or barrier methods, but for pills='6 monthly', IUDs='annually'

5) Advantages and Disadvantages section

STD_protection_YesNo - Optional - 'Yes', 'Possible', 'Unlikely' or 'No'.
periods - Optional - used to list any useful effects on periods. Not applicable behavioral & barrier methods. For combined pill='Regulates, and often lighter and less painful', POP='Often lightens and less painful', Depo-provera='Usually no periods from second injection', IUS='Used as treatment for heavy periods'
breastfeeding_YesNo - Optional - used to list if method is safe and useful while breastfeeding.
weight_gain_loss - Optional - 'Gain', 'Loss', or 'No effect'
benefits - Desirable - any beneficial effects - e.g. natural or barrier might = 'No drugs or clinic visits required', combined pill='Reduced rates endometrial cancer, improves acne', IUD='also used as emergency contraception'
risks - Optional - any adverse effects - condoms='damaged by oil-based lubricants', combined pill='inceased DVTs, breast cancer, strokes', IUD='risk PID following insertion'
medical_notes - Optional - summary of medical considerations in selecting or avoiding a particular method. e.g. POP='unaffected by being on most (but not all) antibiotics, may be used unlike COCP in patients with hypertension and history of migraines'

Don't worry about getting all the fields -- just do your best, and if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask at Template talk:Infobox Birth control.

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