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This is a subtemplate of {{Infobox language}}. It returns a background color name (e.g. pink or #c0dde6) for any language family name entered. Family names and their background colors are shown in the quilt table below.

If no language family name is entered, or the input name is not recognised, a "" (blank) will be returned (resulting in a "transparent" background color), and the page will be added to Category:Languages without family color codes.

Color overview[ସମ୍ପାଦନା]

Colour codes for language families and groups: WikiProject Languages.
Afro-Asiatic Niger-Congo Nilo-Saharan Khoisan
Indo-European Caucasian Altaic Uralic Dravidian Paleosiberian
Austronesian Austro-Asiatic Sino-Tibetan Hmong-Mien Australian Papuan
American Dené-Yeniseian Eskimo-Aleut
Creole/Pidgin/Mixed language isolate sign language constructed language

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