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This template is for use when answering questions on the help desk.

Each type of comment can be called by using a short code, as shown below. If the parameter is not recognized by the template, it will be displayed as plain text. You should substitute this template. Additional text may be included directly after the template.

Result Code
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/rd {{subst:HD/rd}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/rdc {{subst:HD/rdc}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/rds {{subst:HD/rds}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/rdma {{subst:HD/rdma}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/rdmi {{subst:HD/rdmi}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/rdh {{subst:HD/rdh}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/rdl {{subst:HD/rdl}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/rde {{subst:HD/rde}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/del {{subst:HD/del}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/new {{subst:HD/new}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/q {{subst:HD/q}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/n {{subst:HD/n}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/med {{subst:HD/med}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/Vet {{subst:HD/Vet}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/leg {{subst:HD/leg}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/fin {{subst:HD/fin}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/risk {{subst:HD/risk}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/org {{subst:HD/org}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/dyoh {{subst:HD/dyoh}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/v {{subst:HD/v}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/c {{subst:HD/c}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/cache {{subst:HD/cache}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/s {{subst:HD/s}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/rm {{subst:HD/rm|page}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/cd {{subst:HD/cd}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/t {{subst:HD/t}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/fix {{subst:HD/fix|page}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/not-saved {{subst:HD/not-saved}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/re-attribute {{subst:HD/re-attribute}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/mobile {{subst:HD/mobile}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/share {{subst:HD/share}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/like {{subst:HD/like}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/tablesort {{subst:HD/tablesort}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/filter {{subst:HD/filter}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/url {{subst:HD/url}}
ଛାଞ୍ଚ:HD/vanish {{subst:HD/vanish}}
Symbol move vote.svg Facebook community pages may incorporate content from Wikipedia— such use complies with Wikipedia policies on reuse of content. We at Wikipedia have no control over how the content is included nor can we help to remove it. Facebook does have a topic on Community pages and profile connections on their Help Center. {{subst:HD/facebook}}

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